AutoCAD 2025 Released With New Features Autodesk AI

Gone are the days we waited for AutoCAD 2025 because Autodesk released AutoCAD 2025 with AI (Artificial Intelligence) on 26 March 2024. Thanks to Autodesk for the particular software.

You can easily take it for a 15-day trial period. AutoCAD is one of the most powerful designing software in the world that the Autodesk company develops.

What are the Latest Features of Autodesk AI AutoCAD 2025 versions?

  1. Smart Blocks: Search and Convert
  2. Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview
  3. Markup Import from Autodesk Docs
  4. ArcGIS Basemaps

Autodesk company has included new features to make AutoCAD users faster and smarter. You can see it above, gentlemen. Smart block features like ArcGIS base map and features that can input markup from Autodesk Docs have been incorporated into AutoCAD 2025. So that you can boost your design quality and speed.

The most interesting feature is Autodesk AI. With the help of this, we can take full advantage of AI while designing. We can increase design quality and speed by just giving a command prompt.

In the era of AI, I am personally thankful that Autodesk has included AI features in the products of Autodesk 2025. Also, I hope that AutoCAD Automation will help a lot. I believe that Autodesk will bring new features daily, keeping in mind the needs of designers.

Vice President Marcus O’Brien of AutoCAD said that you will be able to open CAD files up to two times faster than AutoCAD 2024.

AutoCAD AI works as an assistant of the Autodesk Product in 2025 versions. That is the best for us. Architecture, Design, Engineering, and Design Professionals are getting these new features to improve Design quality and Reduce time consumption.

This much for today. Now, through this post, I would like to inform you that AutoCAD 2025 has been released. Enjoy your day. Thanks to all.

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