AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD Fillet Command is defined as the AutoCAD Command that allows making a round a corner formed by two lines at the same station or point. I mean it is the command used to make round corners to each other.

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What is AutoCAD Fillet Command ?

Guys if you already know about AutoCAD Fillet Command that’s good. If you don’t know I will give you better knowledge about it.

This Command is one of the important commands in AutoCAD drawing, design, and Drafting.

The following command mostly uses a curve radius. If you can input 0 radii no curve is formed but if you can input the above value from 1 the curve is formed to a joint point of two while using This command. So, guys, the key role of the Fillet command is Curve radius.

How to use Command in AutoCAD Design?

First, open your AutoCAD software which is available on your computer.

Choose the .dwg file from which you can Filter the object.

Click and open the file.

Go to ribbon bar 》》Modify menu bar》》Fillet icon.

Click on the Fillet icon.

Also, you can input the ” Fi ” Command in the command bar.

More options are available in the command bar.

Type capital later. Like R=Radius, D=Diameter, and so on.

If you type ‘R’ and press enter.

Specify the AutoCAD Fillet Radius [1°-…] and press enter.

Select the first line of one corner.

Select the second line of the same corner.

Press enter.

The result shows you on the screen.

For example

  1. First of all open AutoCAD
  2. Zoom the Object that you want to fillet
  3. Click on the fillet icon (you can see it in the image)
  4. Click on type R or Radius
  5. Type the desired radius and press enter
  6. Select the first line
  7. Select the next line
  8. See your result below
AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

Multiple fillet command

This is also one of the types of AutoCAD fillet commands. It creates a rounded corner of an object in 2D and 3D AutoCAD design or drawing. So guys I am including this topic also. Because this is also related to the AutoCAD fillet command.

If you can draw corners in drawing this command simultaneously helps you. This method makes it very easy to create corners without individual selection No need to select all the points that you want to create a corner between two lines. 

To create a fillet in an AutoCAD drawing, you can follow these simple steps:

Click on the Fillet from the ribbon bar which lies above the AutoCAD screen panel.

AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

Don’t forget to use the ‘F’ shortcut command in the command bar.

AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

you can see the option below Multiple options.

AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

Click the Multiple options or type M on the keyboard.

Press the enter key.

Select the first object on the drawings

Type the R shortcut or click the Radius option on the command section.

AutoCAD Fillet Command | How to Use Fillet Command in AutoCAD?

Then press enter

To specify the fillet radius for all fillets.

After typing Radius press enter.

Select the second object in the drawing.

Then continue selecting the first and second objects on the drawing.

This is the detailed process of using the Fillet command in AutoCAD. All the work can be done on your computer or laptop. Following the following process in your AutoCAD screen simultaneously and then easy to understand:

I hope you understand the above following process for using the Fillet command. Hope you like this article please comment below in the comment section. If you have any queries or doubts please contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks for watching my site.


The “Fillet” command is used to create a rounded corner or edge between two lines, arcs, or polylines in AutoCAD. It buts or rounds off sharp corners, making the drawing more visually appealing in the design and drafting process.


How do I use the Fillet command in AutoCAD?

To use the Fillet command, type “FILLET” on the command line, select the desired radius or distance, and then select the two objects you want to fillet.

Can I fill more than two objects at once in AutoCAD?

Yes, you can fill multiple objects at once using the “multiple” option within the Fillet command, which allows you to select and fillet multiple pairs of objects at once.

What is the difference between Fillet and Chamfer in AutoCAD?

A fillet creates a rounded corner, while a chamfer creates an angled corner. Fillets are generally used for smooth, curved edges, while chamfers are used for angled or straight edges.

Is it possible to change the radius of a fillet after creating it in AutoCAD?

Yes, you can modify the radius of a fillet by selecting the object and using the “Properties” or “Edit Fillet” option to change the radius value.

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