What is AutoCAD Software? How to Learn AutoCAD in 2021

What is AutoCAD Software? How to Learn AutoCAD in 2021

Hello friends how are you? I hope you are well everywhere. Today this article goes to talking about AutoCAD Software. All about the AutoCAD software will be explained on this page. So please you can Watch till the end. This article goes into what is AutoCAD, how to use this software, the history of this software, and so on. So let’s get started:》》

AutoCAD Software

Friends, do you know what is AutoCAD? In which field to mostly used this software? What purpose to use this software? If you are engineering (basically architect or civil engineering) the field you already know about is the software AutoCAD. If you already know this better software but I will show you the details of AutoCAD and helpful for you. I hope this article is most powerful to you because all of the terms are included in this article.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is the Automatic Computer-aided design and drafting software that is used to design different types of drawings. Like Building, Bridge, Road, irrigation, Electrical, Electronics, and other engineering sectors. With this software, we can design 2D or 3D drawings. 

For the first time, AutoCAD is available on a desktop in 1982, and then after developed and use the mobile web in 2010. AutoCAD is developed by Autodesk Inc.

AutoCAD is one of the best software for the engineering field. Which is defined as the Automatic Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Software program.

Which is used for engineering design. Such as Building, bridges, highways, Irrigation, Canals, and designing computer chips and different parts of a computer, etc to design blueprints.

It is a computer-aided design and drafting software application to make a 2D or 3D drawing.

Generally, this software is used by the architecture, construction, and manufacturing engineer to design the blueprint of the engineering plans or programs.

If you are in an engineering field you need the basic to advanced important information about the AutoCAD software. At the present period, you can find out more than more information about AutoCAD software on the internet and social media platforms. But I will give you the best and best knowledge of AutoCAD software.

As a civil engineer, I think to provide better than better knowledge of AutoCAD. I will give you a guarantee, I hope you can get all the information and knowledge about AutoCAD Software by the end of this page. So without losing time getting started. Keep it enjoy:


What is AutoCAD Software?

I am already discussing this topic. But I will again clear you about AutoCAD Software. Guys AutoCAD Software is the Automatic Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Software. Which product is developed and marketed by the Autodesk Company? This software is the most popular in the world due to its giving accurate results.

The .dwg is the file name of the AutoCAD model space file. Complete work is done in .dwg file format. Which is also called a drafting software application. Which software is mostly used to design engineering plans building plans, construction, manufacturing, and architecture designs?

AutoCAD is released in December 1982 by Autodesk inc company.

At that time the Autocad is run in a mini-computer and mainframe computer for commercial programs. The Autocad software is published in the form of a mobile version in 2010. Which is called AutoCAD 360. The drafter is called who operates the professional Autocad Program.


How to learn Autocad Software?

Autocad Software is very vast software. It can’t learn easily from Autocad. Different types of platforms should be chosen to learn Autocad Software. Like the institute, the college website, and YouTube.

If you can learn the basic level of knowledge and information about Autocad you can choose YouTube and the website platform. But you need the advanced level of Autocad knowledge and information you need to select an institute or college.

Where you can get better than better knowledge about Autocad Software. If you are a diploma-level civil engineering student you can learn this software in one semester. If you can’t join a diploma college you need to select an institute. Where also you can get an advanced level of knowledge about it. If you need to learn Autocad, please click here.

History of Autocad Software

Autocad is called a program in technical words in 1977. But after 1979 Autocad is published with named interact CAD. The microcard is called before the Autodesk document file.

The first version of AutoCAD demonstrates in 1982 at Comdex then was released in December 1982. In the period March 1986, It is the most popular software of the Autodesk company due to its accuracy and simplicity. The 35th major version of AutoCAD is published in 2020 for Computer Operating Systems.

The most popular version of Autocad list below. Which is the most useful Autocad software program for computer operating systems.

Autocad 2004 to AutoCAD 2021(latest version)

Which is the Best Laptop for Autocad Software Running?

Autocad software is the most powerful software. So different systems require running AutoCAD software on a computer or laptop. You can’t use easily Autocad on your laptop or computer. The different versions of AutoCAD need different systems of the computer.

Like AutoCAD 32 bit, 64 bit required different systems of the computer. So you can’t operate easily Autocad in your computer system. If you require more information about the System requirements for installing Autocad. Please click here.

So guys this is the most powerful software that a powerful computer system requires to operate AutoCAD. Only The most powerful computer supports the Autocad version. In Autocad software, more than more features should be controlled. Like 3d molding, rendering the drawing, etc. Is work very hard. So that a powerful computer should be essential to install and operate Autocad.


So guys I will list some computer systems to run AutoCAD. Which helps you install AutoCAD.

  • Dell Latitude 3440
  • HP Spectre Pro 13 G1
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P70
  • HP ZBook 17 G3
  • Razer Blade
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P40
  • HP ZBook Studio G3
  • Dell Inspiron 15-3593
  • HP 15 BS i5


Is Require an Engineering Degree to Learn Autocad Software?

No, it is not a required engineering degree for Autocad software. But you have technical knowledge of software and computer systems. Only you ee Autocad and can’t require permission to operate AutoCAD.

If you have an engineering degree, that is better because, in the engineering field, you can learn AutoCAD software. So if you nnn Autocad software.

Then you passed. Just you have computer system knowledge, software knowledge, and educated in the Autocad field. So that no need engineering degree for Autocad. If you have that’s good.

Autocad use in a different field. Guys if you need more information about the field where the AutoCAD software is used. 

The most important course for learning Autocad

Many courses are available in the market. But which course should you learn depends on you? Exactly I can’t suggest one of the best courses. All the courses learn to depend on your choice. So that your hand which the course is best for you.

I have listed some important courses in Autocad. All the course is important but you can learn depends on you which is better for you.

  • Advanced AutoCAD Course [Three months Certificate Programme]
  • Diploma in civil engineering [One semester of this course is available]
  • Diploma in AutoCAD [Two months Undergraduate Diploma Programme.
  • Master Diploma in Architectural CADD [Two-month Postgraduate Diploma Program]

Let’s go into detail about the common course which includes all the AutoCAD programs courses. This helps you to decide which is the best course for you.

Basic AutoCAD Course

In the basic course of AutoCAD, learn basic knowledge about AutoCAD. eee course deals with the Autocad interface, menu bar, ribbon bar, Toolbars, and other basic commands provide to the students in this type of course.

In this course, the students will be able to design basic 2D drawings, neeeee the different types of commands, and AutoCAD interface. Basic skills knowledge is shear in this course. Like how to draw a drawing, how to create a layer for the design, how to edit existing drawings etc.

The students are capable to design 2D drawings, command using knowledge, plotting of the drawing, or .dwg to pdf convert.


Medium-level AutoCAD Course

After completing the basic course then you should learn this course. In this course, the students are getting knowledge of hatching, cross References, tables, block, etc. More than more information was gathered in this course. Also, discuss the 3D design and drawing skills in this course. So guys this course is also the most important in Autocad.


Advanced AutoCAD Course

In this course, the students can make 3D designs and drafts. This course fully discussed the 3D design part. Where navigation or molding tools use to design 3d drawings. This course is all about 3D drawing, and commands explain to the students. So guys students easily get knowledge and information about making a 3D drawing, solid work, etc.


Graphics Design AutoCAD Course

This course is an advanced-level course. After completing the basic to the advanced couth then after you can join this course to get knowledge about graphic design. Where how to insert Microsoft Excel data, how to import data and pictures from the Google map into AutoCAD, and so on. This kind of project is to learn in this course. So this course is also tt in AutoCAD.

In this course learn about how to link different software like Sketchup, Revit, 3D Max, etc.

So, guys, all the course is available in a fixed dd to complete the course. If you can’t compete within the dd you can’t qualify. So you should have learned theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously at the institute or college when joint the different courses.

Finally, I will suggest you should learn Autocad programs for experts.

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Some important topics are related to engineering

  1. 3D drawing or design.
  2. 3D parts, Boolean operation, UCS, solid Editing, on AutoCAD.
  3. Creating & Editing Text on AutoCAD
  4. Equations, Configurations, and Design Table of Contents.
  5. All the Dimensions and Dimension Styles
  6. Introduction, Flanges, Walls, Bending
  7. Design Visualization and Analysis of Design
  8. All the Settings for drafting
  9. Geometry & Dimensional Constraints
  10. Drawing Entities & Drawing Tools
  11. W-block, Block, X-Ref and X-attach, etc.


AutoCAD In Engineering

AutoCAD software is used in the engineering field to design drawings. Design is the pre-planning document for the construction. Without design can’t complete the project within the period of time, and can’t find out the tentative value of the project. So AutoCAD is mostly used in the engineering field to design any project drawing.

I will list out some topics about the AutoCAD software used in the engineering field to design. More than sectors use AutoCAD but some important sectors are listed below with full details.


AutoCAD Software Use in Land Development

The conversion of raw land into construction-ready housing, commercial, or industrial building sites is called land development. The many more land is used for development. The land use To construct a building, theatre, highway, playground, boundaries, etc.


The land development process includes improvements that have indefinite life such as draining, cutting, excavating, filling, grading, paving, cleanings, etc. Land development included several areas to consider site geometrics, roadways, railway, drainage systems, utilities, playgrounds, traditional places or properties, property boundaries, and building sites.


AutoCAD software in Surveying 

This program is a computer program that can take measurements and draft depictions of the physical items of the land. AutoCAD is used in surveys for residential, construction site development, water resources, bridges, highways, boundaries wall, etc. It is used in topographic mapping, construction staking, boundary, lot, land Survey of land division Survey, and land area survey.

Surveying is the main platform of the engineering field. Surveying is the finding position of any point of any project in which data can be taken by the surveying method. All the project data can find out the surveying method.

The data can insert into AutoCAD like designing, layout, direction, latitude and departure, length, angle, position, etc.  Which data is to be inserted from the Theodolite, Total station, level machine, tape, compass, etc? So AutoCAD is mostly useable software in the surveying field.


AutoCAD software in Highway engineering

AutoCAD software is used in any structures built in, under, or over the highway. Any retaining wall or structure which supports the highway and where the distance between the highway boundary. Cad is used in highways for carriageways, footways, traffic, vehicle way, and all verges. Without cad, cad highway design is impossible.

AutoCAD software is used on the highway to design drawing such as planning, L Section profile, X section profile, cross drainage structure, pavement design, etc. AutoCAD is used in the Highway field to design any drawing which is used on the highway. So, AutoCAD software is best for the highway engineering field.


AutoCAD in Building Design

A technical drawing of a building that falls within the definition of architecture is termed AutoCAD in building drawing.

Architectural drawings are used by architect engineers, contractor engineers, and others for several purposes to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal to communicate ideas and concepts to convince clients of the advantages of the design to enable a building owner, building contractor, or building maker to construct it.

yy component of the building design in AutoCAD is free. Such as plan, elevation, section, side view, interior design, exterior design, etc. AutoCAD is the most important software in the engineering field because more than more accurate results are formed by AutoCAD. Without building drawing the project will not define for the future time.

All the building components are designed in AutoCAD software. Such as layout plan elevation section structural drawing top views side view etc.


AutoCAD Software in Water Supply and Sanitary Drawing

AutoCAD software is used in the water supply for the design of drawing of cross-sections of sluices valves, fire hydrants, gate valves, air valves, etc. Used for the damps, lakes, and rivers. It is also used in capital improvement programs, floodplain management, wetlands, information resources, drains, ditches, Strom sewers, etc.



Finally, friends you can get more information about Autocad. I hope you collect all about the AutoCAD software from this article. Hope you guys this article is very helpful for you.

Please share this article with your friends who want more than more information about Autocad Software. If you have any other quarry rr doubts please can connect me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, you can comment in the comments box below. Visit the blog for more information about engineering knowledge.



Is AutoCAD Easy to learn?

Actually No! But if you Have the right instructor and daily practicing then you can easily. The main point is practicing and following the Autodesk Command.

How long does it take to learn AutoCAD?

It depends on the person's previous experience and learning abilities, but it usually takes several weeks to several months to learn AutoCAD Perfectly.

Do you need to be good at math for AutoCAD?

If you have a good understanding of math can be helpful for working with AutoCAD, but it is not necessarily a requirement.

How much does it cost to learn AutoCAD?

The cost to learn AutoCAD usually ranges from $0 to $1,000 or more. From free online tutorials to paid courses and certifications, you can avail.

Is AutoCAD a valuable skill?

Yes, AutoCAD is a valuable skill for professionals in various industries, as it is widely used for computer-aided design and drafting purposes.


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