What ia Bar Bending Schedule ? Advantages & Importance of B.B.S.

Hello, friends today I will talk about Bar Bending Schedule. On this page, we are getting knowledge about all of the bar bending schedules. Guys, you know what is bar bending schedule. Why use bar bending in construction. Don’t worry if you don’t know about the bar bending schedule. I will discuss below with details.

What is Bar Bending Schedule?

Bar bending schedule is the process of cutting and bending of reinforcement bar into the required shape. Bar Bending Schedule normally alluded to as “BBS” is a far-reaching list that depicts the area, mark, type, size, length, and number, and bowing subtleties of each bar or texture in a Reinforcement Drawing of a Structure.


Bar Bending Schedule is utilized by the:


Individual checking the drawing

A temporary worker who arranges the fortification

Association liable for creating the fortification

Steel fixer

Agent of works or another assessor

The amount assessor

Amount assessor is liable for the assessment and costing activities of a venture. This sort of study requests a significant level of accuracy. Bar Bending Schedule encourages the amount assessor to merge the number of bars expected of each bar type? 


And making its list which is following:

Location and marking of the bar.

Type of bar

Size of bar

Cutting length of the bar

Number of bars

Bending details of bar

Total quantity

Of each bar in a reinforcement drawing of a structure. This process of listing is called Scheduling.



Advantages of Bar Bending Schedule.

  • Cutting length and Bending of reinforcement can be done.
  • Bar Bending Schedule avoids wastage of steel and thus saves the project cost.
  • To guarantee the Bill from the Client or to set up the bills of sub temporary workers.
  • Accommodating to compute the Reconciliation or material utilization.
  • If provides a better Estimation of Reinforcement steel the requirement for each and every structure member.
  • To Estimate the necessary steel amount.
  • Bar Bending Schedule is very much useful during auditing of reinforcement and provides check or Theft and Pilferage
  • It enables easy and fast preparation of Bills of construction work for clients and contractors.
  • To compute the cutting length of various kinds of Rebars in various areas and individuals precisely.
  • To compute the no of Stirrups/Rings/Tie/snares alongside cutting the length of bars for various underlying individuals.
  • To give a direction to the bar bowing laborers and team in a precise manner.
  • To limit the wastages.
  • It will be simpler and more successful to cross confirm and check the location Reinforcement works with BBS close by.
  • It will end up being a decent record in the future whenever kept up appropriately for each work. We can distinguish the wastages or work done in overabundance amount if any issue emerges with compromise.


Advantages of Bar Bending Schedule in Details.

At the point when the bar bowing timetable is free, cutting and bowing of support should be possible at the processing plant and moved to the site.

This increments quicker execution at the site and diminishes development time and cost because of less necessity of laborers for bar bowing. Bar twisting likewise evades the wastage of steel support (5 to 10%) and accordingly saves project cost.


Utilizing bar bowing timetable when utilized for Fe500, saves 10% more steel fortification contrasted with fe415.


It improves the quality control at the site as a fortification is given according to the bar bowing timetable which is readied utilizing the arrangements of separate itemizing standard codes.


It provides a better assessment of support steel prerequisite for every single primary part which can be utilized to figure in general fortification necessity for the whole task.


It is better for stock administration to support. Steel necessity for the next period of development can be assessed with precision and obtainment should be possible.

This forestalls loading of additional steel fortification at the site for a longer time, forestalling consumption of support if there should arise an occurrence of beachfront zones.

It additionally forestalls a lack of support for progressing work by exact assessment and subsequently, solid development works can continue easily.


Bar twisting timetable is a lot of value during reviewing of fortification and gives minds robbery and pilferage.


Bar twisting timetable can be utilized for support cutting, bowing, and creating the skeleton of the primary part before it very well may be put at the necessary position. Different exercises, for example, unearthing, PCC, and so on can continue corresponding with this movement. Thus, by and large, task movement of the executives turns out to be simple and decreases the season of development. It gets supportive in forestalling any harm because of development time overwhelm.


It gives benchmarks to the amount and quality necessities for fortification and solid works.


Bar twisting timetable gives the steel amount prerequisite much precisely and along these lines gives a choice to improve the plan if there should be an occurrence of cost invade.


It turns out to be simple for site architects to check and affirm the bar bowing and cutting length during review before an arrangement of cement with the utilization of bar twisting timetable and helps in better quality control.


It empowers simple and quick arrangement of bills of development works for customers and contract-based workers.


The amount of fortification to be utilized is determined utilizing designing recipes and standard codes, so there is no alternative for a rough assessment of steel support.


With the utilization of bar bowing timetable, automation of cutting and bowing of fortification should be possible, again decreasing the expense and season of undertaking and reliance on gifted work prerequisite. It likewise improves the unwavering quality of the precision of bar cutting and twisting.


At the point when motorized bar cutting and bowing is utilized, the expense of fortified solid work per unit lessens and helps in cost enhancement of the development project.


Why steel is used as a reinforcement bar?

Coefficient of thermal expansion characteristics similar to concrete.

Good strength for the economic design of R.C.C structure.

Better gripping or good bonding with concrete.

Nice resistance against corrosion for higher durability.

The best bendability for providing shape.


Size and unit weight of Bar

Dia. of Bar       Unit weight of Bar (D2/162)  kg/m
8 mm 0.395
10 mm 0.617
12 mm 0.889
16 mm 1.580
20 mm 2.470
22 mm 2.987
25 mm 3.858
32 mm 6.320

Example 8 mm bar

(8*8)/162=0.395 kg/m.

Bend Deducting & values.

What ia Bar Bending Schedule ? Advantages & Importance of B.B.S.


Concrete Cover:

In strengthened concrete structures, the support is encircled by adequate concrete cover to shield the concrete from environmental conditions that make concrete consume.

The distance is estimated in an unexpected way and these have various terms like Clear Cover, Nominal Cover, and Effective Cover.



Clear Cover:

The clear cover is the distance between the exposed concrete surface (without plaster and other finishes) to the nearest surface of the reinforcing bar.


Nominal Cover:

The term clear cover is supplanted by the term Nominal cover. The nominal cover is the distance between the presented concrete surface to the closest support bar (it very well might be any bar principle bar, longitudinal bar, and even connections or stirrups).

The nominal cover ought not to be not exactly the breadth of the bar.


Effective cover:

This term is generally utilized in plan counts. The effective cover is the distance between the presented concrete surfaces to the centroid of the fundamental support.

The effective cover is the distance between the peripheral pressure face of RCC to the focal point of the territory of primary fortification in strain.


Value of clear cover

Footing 50 mm
Column 40 mm
Beam 25 mm
Slab 20 mm
Staircase 15 mm
Pile 60 mm
Pile Cap 60 mm

So finally this is the  Basic knowledge about the Bar Bending Schedule. this article is very helpful for Fresher civil engineers, overseers, sub overseers, and construction engineers.
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