How to Calculate Cement for Tile 200 sq ft Floor Area? Quantity of Cement for Tile Work.

Calculate Cement for Tile 200 sq ft Floor Area

Hello, Guys Today I will talk about tile work in a building project. This blog will be discussing calculating cement for tile on the floor. How much cement is required for 200 sq feet floor area tile installation? In this post know about the complete calculation for quantity finding. So let’s find out the quantity of cement for tile work on the building.


in the tile work, different amounts of material are required for different areas. Like Wall and floor. Different methods of tile installation work are done on walls and floors. So that the amounts of material are different due to the installation area.

But today I will discuss the floor tile in such a way that the floor tile installation method. we can take 200 sq ft area of floor as a suppose.

The quantity of material is variable due to the following points:

  1. The Cement Mortar Mix ratio
  2. The thickness of the mortar used in tile work.
  3. The area of floor to install tile



Know we can discuss in detail by calculating with example. All of these data are assumed for calculation. If you can calculate by your data can inter your value.

So, let’s get started

Calculate cement for floor tiles for 200 sq ft area.

Assumed data

Area of floor = 200 sq ft.

Cement mortar mix ratio = 1:3

Thickness of mortar = 2 inch =0.167 ft.


let us discuss stepwise,

Step 1

Find out the wet volume of cement mortar

Wet vol [Vw] = Area of floor * thickness

Wet vol [Vw] =200 * 0.167

[Wet vol [Vw] =33.4 cub ft.]


Dry vol of cement mortar [Vd] =33% increase in wet vol.

Dry vol of cement mortar [Vd] = 33% * Vw + Vw

Dry vol of cement mortar [Vd] = 33% * 33.4 + 33.4

Dry vol of cement mortar [Vd] = 0.44 + 33.4

[Dry vol of cement mortar [Vd] = 33.84 cub ft.]


Step 2

Calculation of cement from the ratio of mortar

The Ratio= Cement:sand= 1:3

Sum of Proportion =1+3=4

So, Volume of cement =1/4 * 33.84 =8.46 cub ft.

Provide 20% extra cement for adhesion and coating properties.

Then, 20% extra cement =20% * 8.46= 1.69 cub ft.

The total volume of cemnent= 8.46 +1.69= 10.15 cub ft.


Step 3

Now, Cement Calculation in Bag.

Volume of 1 bag cement = 1.226 cub ft.

so that No of the bag for 10.15 cub ft volume

No of bag= 10.15/1.226 =8.27

No of a bag of cement is nearly equal to 9 bag



The volume of cement for 200 sq ft floor area tile work is 10.15 cub ft.

The total cement in the bag is equal to 9 Bags.

So guys if you want to install tile on 200 sq ft floor area we need 9 bags of cement. I hope you easily understand the calculation of cement for floor tile.

If you want to calculate sand for tile work visit the link for the same type of calculation.


Thank you.

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