How To Calculate Riser and Tread for the Staircase Design in 2024

Calculate Risers and Treads for Staircase Steps

Hello, guys today we will discuss the Calculate Riser and Tread for Staircase steps. This is very necessary for the construction industry. For that, I included this topic in my blog.

First of all, we know about the Staircase. The staircase is a space of a building where the stair steps.

Let’s find out the steps of the stairs. This is also very important. Please read the page till the end. After seeing this post you won’t need to find it on another platform.

I will give you the simple method to Calculate the Riser and Tread for the Staircase steps. This helps to easily design of Staircase.

This is a simple and easy method to find the risers and treads of the staircase steps. So you can easily understand it. Now let’s calculate the number of steps in Staircase first.

Some important specifications

The maximum height of risers should be between 150 mm to 200 mm.

The minimum tread distance should be between 250 mm to 300 mm.

The minimum distance of the step should be 600 mm.

The handrail of the stair height should be 1 meter.

The width of the landing slab step will be at least 1000 mm for a walkover on the staircase.  

Staircase Design Calculation

We are going to discuss the Staircase design calculation for the stair step. We are finding out the number of risers and treads of the Staircase. So let’s do it.

Please guys try to understand easily.

Some measurements are required to calculate the number of risers and treads of the Staircase. 

So following are the necessary data for the calculation:-

Height of Staircase = 4 meters

Width of Staircase = 5 meters

Width of landing slab = 1 meter (given in specification)    

The formula for calculating staircase steps,

Number of Risers=Height of staircase/Height of one riser

The number of Tread=Lenghth of the Stair/Height of one tread

Diagram of Staircase

Calculate Riser and Tread
Calculate Riser and Tread

The staircase is divided into two flights providing a landing slab of the staircase. as you can see in the diagram.

Let’s try to understand the diagram for the dimensions, Here it is given the following Dimensions:

Calculate Riser and Tread

Let’s suppose the stair is a dog-leg stair.

Consider dimensions from the specification and figure,

Height of Staircase = 1500 mm ( one flight )

Length of Staircase = 2800 mm

Height of one Riser = 150 mm (150-200)

Length of one Tread = 280 mm (250-300)

Now, Calculation
Number of Riser= Height of first flight/Height of one Riser
                              =1500/150=10 Nos (Riser)

Number of Tread= Length of Staircase Tread/length of one tread
                                =2800/280=10 Nos (Thread)


But Riser and Tread numbers are not equal. So that we can find out the number of the tread by using the following formula,

Tread = Riser+1 

So Tread=10+1=11 Nos.

The Number of risers is 10 and Tread is 11 Nos Respectively.

So this is the simple and easy method to calculate the number of risers and tread for the staircase.

Keep in the mind following points :

The size of the Staircase depends on the height of the building floor.

The size of the riser and tread will be changed as per the condition of floor height and construction type (residential, commercial, industrial)

Different buildings have different sizes of riser and tread.

Generally, the height of the riser is 100 mm to 150 mm in the hospital area. Because in the hospital most of the patients are not comfortable in more height of the riser ( like 150 mm above) the height of the riser is slightly decreased in the hospital area.

Finally, we are successful in calculating the Riser and Tread for the Staircase steps. Hence the number of riser and treads are 10 nos respectively.

I hope this article is very helpful and informative to you. If you like please like, comment, and share this post with your friends. Visit the blog for more informative knowledge of engineering. Thank you guys bye-bye. Hope you for next best article.

FAQs for Calculate Riser and Tread

What is Tread?

The tread is the horizontal distance space in which space is used for rest at the climbing time.

What is Riser?

The riser is the vertical distance between two specified Treads.

What is the standard size of the riser and tread?

According to the Internation Building Code (IBC),
The Minimum Rise is 202 mm and the maximum Rise is 178 mm.
The minimum Tread length is 154 mm and the maximum Tread length is 305 mm.

Standard Size of Trade and Riser in Nepal

The size of Trade is 10 inches and the Riser is 7 Inch.

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