Calculate the Number of Brick Required in a 4″ Brick Works

Manually, Calculate the Number of bricks is essential for all types of construction. We can’t start the project without calculating any using material. So today we will learn how to calculate bricks in a 4″ Brick wall.

For every construction, we need to calculate the number of materials used for the construction. like cement, sand, aggregate, stone, brick, and water, etc. I will discuss already in my previous post the calculation of the quantity of cement, sand, and water. but today in this post will be discussing calculating bricks in building walls.

Before the construction of work, we need to estimate the quantity of the material for the construction. So in this blog, we can get knowledge about the calculation number of Bricks in a wall. Calculation of brick wall size is 30′ x 20′[Length x Breadth] and Width is 4″

Calculate the Number of Brick Required in a 4" Brick Works
Front View
Calculate the Number of Brick Required in a 4" Brick Works
Isolate View
Calculate the Number of Brick Required in a 4" Brick Works
Top View of Wall

I will explain simple and easy steps to Calculate the Number of Bricks in a wall. After seeing this article you are perfect for the calculation of brick. So guys this is very helpful to you. So let us find the quantity of brick used in wall construction.

Calculate the Number of Bricks [manual method]

This is the manual method to determine the quantity of brick. If you want to calculate the number of bricks with the manual method you can take the brick wall without plaster. we can calculate bricks in building walls without plaster. It means minimizing the plaster thickness from the brick wall.

In this post, we will take the thickness of the wall only. This does not include plaster thickness. also, we can use the standard size of modular brick in Nepal. which is the standard size of brick as a modular brick. Visit the article if you want more information about the standard size of bricks in different countries

First, we need the standard Brick size of a Single Brick.

Calculate the Number of Brick Required in a 4" Brick Works
Standard size of brick in inches = 9″ x 4″ x 2″

Some important Data to Calculate the Number of Bricks

Some Important points should be known before calculating the number of bricks on the wall. You must know the following points:

  1. The standard size of a brick
  2. Thickness of Wall
  3. The thickness of the mortar joint
  4. Area of Wall
  5. Volume of Wall
  6. Opening details

The volume of 1 brick [Brick should be standard size]


Given Data

Length of a Brick wall (L) = 30 Ft

Height of a Brick Wall (H) = 20 Ft

The thickness of Brickwall=0.33 Ft

Ratio of Mortar = 1:6

The thickness of Mortar=10mm=0.39″ (consider Brick Masonry)

Standard size of Single brick = (230 x 110 x 55)mm / (0.75 x 0.36 x 0.18)Ft

Size of Single brick with mortar =(240 x 120 x 55)mm / (0.78 x 0.39 x 0.18)Ft

This is the given data, Now we will calculate the number of bricks in 4″ brick wall construction. Before that, we need the volume of a Single Brick And the Total Volume of the Wall.

The total volume of the brick wall

                                                 = [Length x Height x Thickness]
                                                 = [30' x 20' x 0.33']
                                                 = 198 cub Ft

The total volume of Single brick

                                                 = [Length x Height x Thickness]
                                                 = [0.75' x 0.36' x 0.18']
                                                 = 0.049 cub Ft

we have a volume of total wall and single brick. But we need the size of brick with mortar. The brick masonry wall has a mortar between two bricks.

To find out the size of a single brick with mortar,

                                                  = [length x breath x thickness]
                                                  = [0.78' x 0.39' x 0.18']
                                                  = 0.055 Cub Ft

Number of Brick Required,

                  Number of Brick = [Volume of the brick wall / Volume of Single brick]
                                                  = [198 cub ft ÷ 0.055 cub ft]
                                                  = 3600 Nos

3600 nos Bricks are the total number of bricks with Mortar.

Now, Calculate the volume of mortar required

                                                   = [Total volume of brick wall -Total nos of Brick]
                                                   = [198-{3600 x 0.049}]
                                                   = 198-176.4
                                                   = 21.4 cub ft ( volume of Mortar)


                        Total Volume of Brick Wall= 198 cub Ft

                        Total Number of Brick With Mortar= 3600 nos

                        Total Volume Mortar = 21.4 cub ft

We need to add 5 % to 10 % of the wastage of brick in the construction. So we should add 6 % of wastage brick. 


Total Number of Brick adding 6% waste= 3600 + [3600 x 5%]
                                                                           = 3600 + 180
                                                                           = 3780 Nos

The total number of bricks required for a 30′ x 20′ brick masonry wall is 3780 Nos. This is the actual number of bricks for assuming wall size.

Number of Brick Required for 1 Cub ft,

                                               = [total nos of brick ÷ total volume of wall]
                                               = [3780 ÷ 198]
                                               = 19 Nos

19 nos of brick are required for 1 cub Ft wall with 4″ thick.

Some Important points

If the building wall has an opening schedule (Doors, Windows) subtract the volume of such opening space from the total volume of the wall and then calculate the number of bricks. The volume After subtracting the opening space, several bricks should be used to calculate the volume. 

5% to 10% of wastage should be added.

The mortar ratio should be 1:5 or 1:6.

A standard modular size of brick should be used.

What is the Formula for Calculating the Number of Bricks?

Number of Brick = [Volume of the brick wall / Volume of Single brick]

What is the Standard Dimension of Brick With Mortar?

240 mm x 115 x 57 mm

Is this calculated number of bricks accurate in site condition?

Yes, if the brick is of regular shape and size.

After all the basic calculation of the number of bricks in a 30′ x 20′ wall with 1″ Mortar joints. The total number of bricks and total volume of mortar should depend on the size of the wall. So this is not exact data for every were. It is changeable according to the wall size. But commonly you can follow all the steps to calculate the number of bricks for any size wall with a 4″ wall thickness.

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