How Many Bricks are calculated in a 100 sq m wall?

bricks are calculated in a 100 sq m wall
How many bricks do we need to build a 100-square-meter brick wall? We will discuss this topic, so ...
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7 ways to reduce the cost of building a home

reduce the cost of building a home
If you are building a house with the money we have worked hard for years, you must know ...
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Standard Size of Column || Thumb Rule for Column Layout

standard size of column
Column is the vertical member of the structure elements used to transfer load from top to foundation. From ...
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Shear Walls: Types, Advantages, and Installation Tips for 2024

shear wall
Hey! What’s up? Welcome to my new article Shear Wall. Today I will explore the Shear wall of ...
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Improve Your Existing Building with Retrofitting

Retrofitting is the process of Renovation, Modifications, or improvement of the existing building to enhance energy efficacy, cost-effective, ...
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What is the Segregation of Concrete? Causes, Effects and Preventive Measure

segregation of concrete
Hi guys welcome to my next blog. Do you know what is segregation of concrete? How to prevent ...
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Top 10 Best Tips to Reduce Construction Cost

reduce construction cost
So hello guys! Today we will discuss the top 10 best tips to reduce construction costs without compromising ...
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Sustainable Materials: Environmental Friendly Construction

sustainable materials
In recent years, the concept of “sustainability” has gained popularity in the building sector. Sustainable building materials are ...
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