Best Reasons Students are Choose an Engineering Course in 2021

Why did you choose an Engineering Course after SEE/SLC?

Hey, what’s up? I am Ramesh Pradhan. Today I will show you the top best reasons why choose an Engineering course. Why choose an engineering course after completion of a School leveling certificate (SLC) or Secondary Education examination (SEE). If you think to enter the engineering faculty to grow up yourself, this is the right place for gathering the Best knowledge for Engineering. So, if you want to learn about why we can choose an engineering subject after SLC or SEE.

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Most of the Students are confusion which is the best platform after minor level education. After they completed junior-level education then they are searching for carrier options. They can’t find the Best way of carrier opportunity. They have many problems after their junior-level Education. So today I will clear you which way is best for you. Please stay tuned till the end of the article.


Best Two Options for Just completed junior level Education.

I will suggest that person who completed their junior level education. In the case of Nepal, they have two options for their further Study.

The first option, if you can Study fast and easily in the technical field you can choose to engineer. If you enter directly in the engineering sector after completing basic level education. That is called entry in diploma. Which have three years of diplomatic course. If you complete three years in the engineering field you will get a Diploma Level Certificate or Related field. Which is control by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

The second option is a +2 level course. Which have only two years for completion of the course. Which is control by the National Examination Board (NEB)/ (HSEB). This provides a +2 level certificate. But, if you can choose engineering after completion +2 you need to study physics, Mathematics, Biology, and chemistry subjects at the +2 level. Without science, you can’t enter the engineering sector. Physics, Mathematics, and chemistry is the most important subject for Studying engineering.

Basically, the engineering sector has many types of faculty. I will include any type of faculty in engineering. So I will discuss all the engineering in this post. In the +2 sector, there are also have many types of faculty. You can choose one of the best reliable and economical studies in the +2 section.

The Government College has a different types of subject streams. Which is the option for that student who goes to government sector education.



Three Major Options in Government education:


Science remains the foremost popular because it allows us to steer on the trail to Engineering and Medicine. Compulsory Subjects like English and Nepali and choices between Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and arithmetic.

Biology is an optional subject in +2 level would open up the likelihood to eligibility to dive into the medical education and also they would take chance in B.Sc. in several streams like micro-biology, Pharmacology, Medical technology, Biomechanical  Biochemistry, etc.

A student having Physics and arithmetic might take engineering courses like civil, computer, or software engineering or other engineering faculties. A number of these students also switch schools and continue IT (information technology), BIT (Bachelor in IT Management), BCA, B.Sc. in computing, etc. They go for +2 in science many students prefer to switch the school in Bachelors either in Management and Humanities.


Commerce and management

In this course, the students are developed in Professional marketing, professional Accounting, and Skill of professional administration. It is the high level of course in the +2 section. Most of the students are choose this sector. Because this subject is easy to understand and low amount of money is pay for this subject. The main objective of this course to develop the students in small business management, Office management, consultant management, bank management, and others.



This is also the most popular subject in Nepal. Most of the government and private colleges include this subject for the students. Basically, humanities are characterized as the parts of discovering that have a social character. Any subject that covers, somehow or another, human culture, can be viewed as humanity. So guys, if you interest in humanities subjects you can join. This incorporates the historical backdrop of workmanship, works of art, history, and writing, performing expressions, theory, philosophy, and even human studies.

You can also choose these three major subjects of Government education. These subjects are also one of the best subjects in Government College. This subject is also available in private colleges but those charge more amount of money with comparison to Government College. So that if you’re budged is very low then you choose Government College. You will complete your grade 11 and grade 12 in the government sector.



What are the Subjects are Available in grade 11 and grade 12

So, friends, I will include the most popular subjects which are study in grades 11 and 12. You can select this all subject in government and private college as your interest and budget. Also, include what is the GPA grade required to study the following subjects. The subjects are available below:


GPA 2 (C+ in science and math) is required to study Science subject group:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Computer science
  6. Agriculture


GPA 1.6 is required to study vocational subject group:

  1. Animal science
  2. Plant science
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Civil engineering
  5. Computer engineering


GPA 1.6 is required for the following subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Geography
  3. Accountancy
  4. Economics
  5. Computer
  6. Science
  7. Teaching
  8. Mathematics
  9. Psychology
  10. Elements of finance
  11. Astrology
  12. Cooperative management
  13. Business study
  14. Business mathematics
  15. Physic education
  16. Biology education
  17. Chemistry education
  18. Teaching science
  19. Political science
  20. Culture
  21. Home science
  22. Sociology
  23. Major English
  24. Alternative English
  25. Teaching English
  26. Hotel management
  27. Travel and tourism
  28. Nepali
  29. Teaching Nepal
  30. History
  31. Culture
  32. Philosophy
  33. Library and information science
  34. Rural Development
  35. Introduction of pedagogy
  36. Introduction of education
  37. Health and physical education
  38. Population studies
  39. Environment education
  40. Sanskrit byakaran
  41. Mass communication
  42. Languages ( Nepali, Newari, English, Maithili, Hindi, Japanese, Urdu, German, Chinese and other languages.
  43. Dance, Music, Sculpture, painting, applied arts, sports, and others.



This all of the subject which are available in the Nepal government and private college and institute. So, friends, I hope this information is very helpful to you. These are the subject you can be chosen after complete the School level in +2 level.

Most of the students are confused about which subject I choose in +2. After seeing this article you do not need to advise from others and no need to search on the web. If you want to better future and Carrier, you can choose one of the best subjects for your reliable and economic situation.



Why I choose the +2 Education System in Nepal

So, friends, I will give you the best reason why you choose the +2 level of study. There have many kinds of reasons for the selection of a +2 level study but I will show you the major important reasons to choose +2. Followings are the Reasons:


Control by Nepal Government

Most of the +2 College is controlled by the government in Nepal. So they have discount feasibility. More than more services are use free in Government College.

We can directly join +2 College

The minimum amount of money to pay to college with comparison to engineering college.

Medium-class families also afford college.

We can complete the course between two years as compared to the engineering sector. Which is fast than the engineering course.



Best Reasons why Choose an Engineering Course

So guys this is the main topic of this post. I mean this is a knowledgeable topic today. I will discuss the best reasons why choose engineering after completed basic education level. In the present generation, the technical field is more important and popular. Most of the students are thinking about joining the engineering sector.

The cost of engineering is very high than the +2 level education. That’s why the students are choosing engineering courses after basic level education. I have discussed the best reasons to choose an engineering course which are following in details:


Engineering course is the set up for professional success

Engineering is the setup for the professional success of the students. The engineering students are very creative, interested in technical subjects. If you want to be successful in your life engineering course is the best. If you are an engineering student you will learn how to think like an engineer. You achieve a logical thinking mindset and critical analysis skills are developed. Your decision-making skills are increased. Easily to decide any type of technical problems.

After completing the engineering course, they will get more opportunities in the field. They have many more objectives, skills, knowledge, and experience in the engineering field. So the engineer is the professional for the present and future time in the world. Engineers have a big responsibility for the development of the world. They take high risks and give better results. That is the reason why choose an engineering course.


The engineering people have a high status or reputation

This is the second thinks to study engineering. After complete your engineering study you get a high-level reputation in society. Don’t forget your reputation in society, which is getting from engineering studying.

The status of engineers in society is different in comparison to the normal students or non-engineering person.

They are likewise very much aware of the penances designing understudies need to make during their investigations. So the component of regard falls into place without any issues. So you don’t confuse if you’re thinking to study engineering.

If you are only the engineering student in your society you are the boss of your society’s development. All of the people follow your rules and regulation in the engineering work, project, and technical work. So friends this is the second reason of choose an engineering study.


Improve financial Status

Engineering is the only way to improve your financial status and Reputation simultaneously. Most of the engineers are charges a high amount of their work and responsibility.

During the period of studying time, you invest in your quality education in engineering. After complete the engineering course then you get more opportunities and then get a high amount from the client. The engineers take a high risk and high paying amount. So they can increase their financial status.


Engineers able to find problems and fixing problem skills

This is the power of the engineering course. The engineers are able to solve any kind of problems in the field also their life. They have easy problem-solving qualities. If you are studying engineering course then you will not encounter any problems and difficulties in your life.

Engineers can easily handle any type of problem. After completing the engineering course you have full knowledge skills and experience in solving problems and difficulties. Actually, you will have a problem taking skill and quality that is the power of engineer. So that is the reason why we choose the engineering course.


The opportunities are following you (engineer)

This means you will get many opportunities in the development sector. You get a chance to develop the world. Because engineering is the king of development. So many kinds of opportunities are following you.

You give the best result for society. That is the great thing all the society peoples depends upon you. In the construction field, innovation field, invention field, planning, development, and other important development work you involve.

You are able to give something positive to society. So this is also the important reason to choose an engineering course.


Finally guys this post is very helpful to you. If you like a helpful please share this post with your friends and others who want to know about the why to choose engineering course.

Basically, this post is very helpful who are just complete the basic education level. Like SLC and SEE. Please comment on the comment section which part is very helpful and informative.  Thanks for visiting my site. Visit again.

Thank you so much.

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