Detailed Classification of Computer in 2021

Classification Of Computer

Hello, brothers and sisters. How are you? Hope everything is better. Welcome to this site Engineering Technology. Today I will show you how to classified a computer, on which basis we can classify the computer. Computer technology is the most popular development in the world. So we should know about the vast knowledge about computer technology.


This article provided you with the educational and trainer purpose for every student, computer user, engineer, scientist, banker, business, school, and college, etc. So that kind of people should know about computer technology. This article will you go to find out the classification of the computer. Computer technology is used in every sector there used different types of computer. So today I will explain the classification of computers on different bases. Let’s go》

Classification of Computer

In this article the following point will be included as details:

  1. Introduction of classification of the computer.
  2. The classification of the digital computer is based on size.
  3. Classification of computer basis on the data handling capacity of the computer.

These are the main topics we will go to learn in this article.


General Introduction 

According to the history of computers. The computer maker is in large size and shape. But in the present period of time, the different sizes and shapes Computers are available in the market. Computer technology is full fill by the use of computer technology in the different sizes of the computer. So that the computer is classified in different categories with a different basis. Which type of computer is designed for the single user which type of computer is designed for multi people user.


You can use that type of computer which is your requirement. The laptop is preferred for your hand and the desktop is preferred on your home basis. The single-user computer is handled by a single person and the multi-user computer is handled by two or more people. So that is the category of computer for a different person.


The computer is classified based on its size and shape, using purpose, economic, working principles, etc. But I can explain the above point in this article.


The classification of the digital computer based on size

First of all, I can classify it as a digital computer based on size and shape. Different sizes of digital computers are available in the world. That kind of computer is classified as a digital computer.


Supercomputers are the largest, fastest, and most expensive computers.

They have a large memory capacity.

They have very high processing speeds power for solving scientific and engineering problems.

The supper computer contains several CPUs.

This type of computer use in astronomy as well as in the design of automobile robots.

NEC-500 is the supercomputer.



Mainframe Computer

This computer is the most powerful and largest.

This computer size is up to 10, 000 sq feet.

This type of computer design to handle a large volume of data.

This type of computer is consists of one or more processors to process a large volume of data.

It can control several workstations or computer network systems.

This type of computer use by the large business house to control higher network systems.

IBM 4381 is the mainframe computer.




This is the type of micro digital computer as compared to mainframe and supercomputer.

This can handle less data as compared to the other above.

This computer size has 10 sq feet.

This computer design to compute small size business sectors. It is full fill for that person to required this type of computer to operate their small business.

This use in various sectors such as business, industry, research, railway networks, and education sectors.

IBM 9375 is the mini-computer.




This is the smallest computer in computer technology.

The microprocessor is used as a CPU in the microcomputer. So that is called a microcomputer.

The microcomputer is used in the home to operate small businesses and schools to provide better knowledge of the computer.

Apple, Compaq, IBM are some company which manufactures this type of computer. Microcomputers include desktop, laptop Mobile, etc.

Second, we will learn about classification based on data handling capacity. In this base the different capacities to handle by the computer. In this period all the computers cannot handle the same capacity of data. Different data handling capacity computer is available. So this is the classification of the basis of data handling capacity.



Classification of computer basis on the data handling capacity

Analog Computer

An Analog computer is a type of computer which measured physical quantities such as pressure and temperature and converts them into numeric values.

They are designated for special purpose machines, which are used for scientific and engineering purposes.

It is easy to get graphical data using an analog computer.

The accuracy is less than others.

The thermometer, speedometer of vehicles is an analog computer.



Digital computer

A digital computer is the most popular computer.

They work with digits and also represent numerical, letters, or other special symbols.

The digital computer working based on the binary number system. Which is 0 and 1.

The information gives to the computer in the form of electrical signals.

This type of computer used on the school, college, banks, etc.

Mostly the present time used this type of computer.



Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a combination of analog and digital computers.

Both features include in this computer.

This is also called a converter computer. Because of this computers are performing convert analog signals to digital and digital to analog.

This type of computer is used in engineering, medical, scientific research, etc.

So friends this is the classification of computers on different bases. Such as size and shape and data handling capacity. After visit this page you can able to classified different types of computers into different categories. Love this article for you.

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