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Best Contract Procedure in the World on 2021

Hey guys, welcome to my website to teach me engineering.  today we will discuss the contract procedure.  That is called bidding.  Bedding is the most important part of the engineering sector. so that we need more information about bidding.   Do you know what is the process is followed on it?  In this post, we will discuss in detail the contractor bidding.  in the situation of Nepal.  many types of procedures are followed. If you are an engineer or contractor this procedure is very important for you. so let’s get started:


What is a contract?

It is an agreement between two or more two parties to do or not to do something which can be enforceable by law.  It may not have a legal obligation in the contract.  All the contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts.  so we need to know all the procedures of the bidding. 

Contract=  agreement + Legality.

Now we will discuss the method of procurement for the method of work Execution. Falling off the table of procurement in bidding. I was included 10 procurement or methods of bidding in the condition of Nepal. let’s see the table below:

Table of Contract Procurement Method

SN Procurement Method Contract Size Notice Date
1 International Competitive Bidding (ICB) Construction work more than 1 Arab rupees and consultant services more than 10 crore rupees 45 days
2 National Competitive bidding (NCB) More than 20 lakhs rupees 30 days
3 Sealed Quotation Up to 20 lakhs rupees 15 days
4 Direct Procurement Up to 5 lakhs Rupees
5 Force Account Up to 1 lakhs Rupees
6 Users committee Up to 1 crore Rupees works of simple nature
7 Procurement under special Circumstances Emergency / Special Circumstance
8 Lump-sum rate method Up to 2 crore Rupees 30 days
9 Catalog Shopping 7 to 15 days
10 Limited Tendering 15 days
11 Buy Back Method


Now let’s discuss the different Methods of This Process In Bidding. These all methods are used all over the world. This is the basic and Most important Method used in Bidding. The contract is also one of the technical parts of engineering. so that I was covered this topic in my post. I have discussed the Name of the individual method of contract, Working size, and their Notice date. Different types of projects have different Dates and budgets. So guys without wasting time come to the point.


Top 10 Contract Process Description

National competitive bidding (NCB)

This is the local competitive bidding. In this process, All The Eligible bidders are invited to participate in the bidding.  for MCB Tender notice is to be published in an international newspaper A period of at least 30 days. this method is basically to notice the person who wants to apply for the tender.  It is the initial stage of the bidding.

Which type of bearing has a first option for more than 20 lakhs.  This is the size of national competitive bidding.  now next.


International competitive bidding (ICB)

The amount of work is big and national domestic contractors cannot perform the job eligible by the hour in bi from all over the world.  This type of bid it’s published all over the world and then different types of companies and people can apply for this bid. the international competitive bidding cost of some or more than one or a professor and consultant service more than 10 Crore rupees. This is the size of international competitive bidding.  keep in mind this point. Such a type of bid is known as ICB.

In this process, tender notice shall be published in the international newspaper in the English language providing A period of at least 45 days.  The English language is the international language so it is necessary to publish in the English language of the tender all over the world.  which type of notice is published for 45 days only.  In this period of time, the contractors are bidding on the project.  invitation to an international level it shall be invited in any of the following conditions.

  1. where the goods for construction work are not available at the competitive price from more than one construction entrepreneur or supplier within Nepal.
  2.  Where  No bid was submitted in National level bid.
  3.  Where under an agreement with the donner party.
  4. Where the public entry has certified That the goods for construction work being of complex and special nature have to be procured through an international level bid.


Sealed quotation

This is the heart method of bidding.  The cost of some work goods and other services valuing  Up to 20 lakh rupees May be procured by Inviting sealed quotations. For inviting sealed quotations, tender notice shall be published in the national or local newspaper by giving a period of at least 15 days.


Direct Procurement

This is the first method of bidding in which the construction of works and other services valuing up to 5 lakh rupees may be directly procured. The beading size of direct procured is up to 5 lakh. Provided under this section cannot be directly procured from the same individual, firm,  company, or organization more than one time in a fiscal year.  but Nepali products valued up to 15 lakh rupees may be directly procured.


Works through users committee

This is also a very important type of bidding process at the international level.  In this method cost of the estimate up to 1 crore rupees may be carried out obtained from the user’s community or beneficiary community. The maximum size of this method of building up to 1 crore.


 Works may be done by force account

This is also the most usable method of the Bidding process.  In this process, the bear and maintenance of ordinary nature regular petty for sanitation may be done by force account. In this process, the construction work may not exceed one lakh rupees be cashed out through negotiations or be awarded on a wage basis making available necessary construction materials. 


Lump sum-rate method

In this method, a single long surprise for the procurement of any goods and service is agreed upon before the work begins. This method of construction size is up to 2 crores for the 30 days time period. Generally, the tender is submitted with the details of how and on what basis the work is going to be performed.  This is the most important and useful method of its process. The maximum size of the lump sum rate method is up to 2  crore. 


Catalog Shopping

In this method, the procurement Is made at the rate prescribed by the manufacturer or authorized dealer. The manufacturing company prescribes the sale price of the product based on specialty quality and benefit and publishes the sale price on its website.  After the publication of such Sale price, the competitive procurement is made on the price prescribed by other manufacturing Companies of similar nature. This method of contract process notice date 7 to 15 days.


Limited tendering

This method allows Limited bidders for the procurement. If there is a limited service provider for the procurement of any service the competition for the procurement is made only between and among the  Limited bidders.  this method of contract process period of notice date of 15 days.


Buyback method

The new procurement is made by returning the machinery and equipment to the related Manufacturer or importer if the machinery and equipment are to be of no use after a certain period of time. Unlimited time for the contract process. 

In this all above the process for bidding in 2021.  I hope this article is very helpful to you. If you like please share this post with your friends and others who want to know about its process.  If you have any doubts and queries about the process from these articles please comment down on the comment section. Visit the blog for more knowledge articles. 

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