How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

How to Convert DWG to PDF File?

Hey guys, what’s up. I hope you are fine. Welcome to Techmeengineer. Engineering Tech is the best way to know about engineering and engineering software using the engineering field. Today I will discuss How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software Easily? This is the most important part of AutoCAD. If you make a professional document for the project you should be made a pdf file of the document.
convert dwg to pdf file

So you need to make a pdf of the drawing. So friends today I will share with you to create a pdf file from the DWG file. Guys, you should be read this article from start to end. The Convert Dwg to pdf file process is also called the plot of the drawing file.


After reading this article I hope you understand about converting Dwg to pdf file in AutoCAD. But one thing to clear you, the dwg file can’t print out without AutoCAD software so that we should be made a pdf to print out.

I will explain the detailed process of converting Dwg files to pdf in AutoCAD software fast. So friends stay till the end of the page. I will shear you a simple method to Convert Dwg to pdf file in AutoCAD. 



The followings are the process to convert dwg to pdf file easily. So lets gets start:

Open the AutoCAD software on your computer. 

Choose the dwg file template. 

Select the drawing file which will be converted to pdf file. 

Check the drawing of mistakes. 

Fix mistakes if the drawing is a mistake. 

Friends after converting Dwg to pdf. You can’t change the mistake of that pdf file. So you should be check and fix the mistakes before they convert.

Go to the ribbon bar then find out the plot button. If you can use a simple method, you can use the keyboard of the computer. 

Press the Ctrl + P button simultaneously. 

The plot model dialog box will appear. 

How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

Change the color at the top right corner of the plot model box.

Click the plot style table and a drop-down list will appear. 

Select the color of the drawing in the pdf file. I recommend selecting monochrome for the professional document. 

How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

Choose the printer/plotter name.

Select DEG to PDF.pc3 Name. 

How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

The selected plotter Name will appear on the name box.

Choose the paper size.

Click the paper size button drop-down list will appear. 

How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

Select the paper size as required for the pdf file document. 

Choose the plot area on the left meddles part of the plot model dialog box. 

Click the what to plot box drop-down list will appear. 

Select the plot area selection method. I recommend the selection area of the drawing windows method. 

Select the hole area of the model drawing which is to be a plot. Select left to right, right to left, top to button, and button to top.

After the windows box appears on the plot model dialog box. 

Click the Tick mark “Centre the plot”.

Press the preview button. 

See the preview of the drawing in pdf file format. 

You can back again from preview to plot model box.

And click the ok button.

If you can plot the preview profile. 

Right-click the mouse.

A dialog box appears. 

Click the plot icon/text.

Save dialog box will appear. 

Put the pdf file name of appear box.

You can also change file types. 

But this pdf article. So you can select the pdf file.

Directly plot the drawing.

How to convert dwg to pdf file In AutoCAD Software on 2021?

After you get the pdf file and directly open the pdf file with the selected browser. 

This is the process of converting .dwg to pdf files in AutoCAD. You can easily follow this step to step for making pdf file. After making a pdf file then you can print it out and use it for the document. 



In this article, I was covert of the How to convert dwg to pdf file in AutoCAD. How to select an existing drawing, how to fill up plot model dialog box, the selection process of drawing, windows selection method, how to save pdf file, etc. Are included above the article. 


If you need details about the video click here 

Finally, convert dwg to pdf file easily on AutoCAD. Friends How was this article. I hope this article is very helpful for you about How to convert Dwg to pdf file.  If you understand about the conversion of .dwg to pdf please give me feedback with comments.

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