How to 100 Percent Fix “Could not Get Debug Privilege are you Admin” Easy.

Could not get debug privilege are you an admin

Hey in this post you will find out one of the complete Autocad activation processes. when you are active AutoCAD free this major problem is a phase. So I write this article for you. So guys stay tuned till the end of the page. let’s get started-

This is the big problem with the activation of AutoCAD software. When the AutoCAD is active by the user then this (“could not get debug privilege are you admin?”) problem is shown after entering the ‘activation code’.

How to fix a problem when active AutoCAD software is on the computer and laptop? A detailed description is below to fix the “could not get debug privilege are you admin?

Hello Friends,  Thanks for entering this site. I hope you guys are happy after reading this article about the AutoCAD Activation process. I will send you the simple process to activate AutoCAD on your desktop or laptop. So read this article till the end of the page. 

Finally, guys I am successful in researching the topic of the could not get debug privilege are you an admin problem? When you try to activate Autocad this problem is in the face. More than AutoCAD users can ask me How to fix This problem. 

could not get debug privilege

You don’t need to go anywhere else for videos about this topic because we’ve got everything you could want right here.

I researched how to activate AutoCAD and was able to do it successfully. I will now tell you the steps involved in activating AutoCAD so that we can get started with designing our blueprint.

What is Could not get debug privilege are you an admin?

These are the problems that occur when the activation of Autodesk products. basically, this problem is phase very much in Autodesk Activation. we do not haven’t any kind of license for Autodesk in the free version. so this is the leading cause. we can’t easily activate without solving this problem in Autodesk activation time.

What is the complete process of active AutoCAD? 

Internet access should be off because it is important for offline activation of AutoCAD software.

Off the Windows Defender security center for running activator tools of AutoCAD.

Also, disable any type of Antivirus on the laptop or computer.

Install AutoCAD software on the computer and laptop.

After completing the installation of AutoCAD.

Launch AutoCAD software on your computer and laptop.

Select Activate.

Enter a Serial Number & product key
Select I have an activation code from Autodesk for AutoCAD.

Open AutoCAD Keygen.

Extract the keygen file.

After extract= x-force keygen application is shown in the extracted file.

How to solve “Could not get debug privilege are you admin?”

After Extract The X-force Keygen application is open with Run as Administrator. 

Click over the x-force keygen and click the run as administrator.

Then press ok

X- force keygen is open in pup up view.

Select Patch. (Successfully patched will be seen) in the X-force keygen screen.

Copy the Request Code from the Activation screen to the X-Force Keygen Request field and Generate the Activation code.

Copy the activation code and paste the activation code into the activation screen of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD License Active will be seen.

Run AutoCAD

Note: .Net framework requires the latest version on the laptop and computer

Most of the AutoCAD can be Active by using this serial No: 666-69696969. Option serial No: 667-98989898/400-45454545.

AutoCAD Serial No and product key

This is the Autodesk AutoCAD serial number and Product keys which are used in the activating of AutoCAD software for free in the offline method. I have attached almost version of Autodesk product keys in my blog post. Generally, if you have AutoCAD you can use the following product key and easily active AutoCAD on your devices.

AutoCAD 2010 =001B1

AutoCAD 2011 =001C1

AutoCAD 2012 =001D1

AutoCAD 2013 =001E1

AutoCAD 2014 =001F1

AutoCAD 2015 =001G1

AutoCAD 2016 =001H1

AutoCAD 2017 =001I1

AutoCAD 2018 =001J1

AutoCAD 2019 =001K1

AutoCAD 2020 =001L1

AutoCAD 2021 =001M1

AutoCAD 2022 =001N1

AutoCAD 2023=00101

AutoCAD 2024=001P1

Other=coming soon..

Could not get debug privilege, are you the administrator?

When you attempt to debug or run an application with administrative rights, error messages frequently appear. You can take the following actions to resolve this issue:

Launch the program in administrator mode: Choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu when you right-click an application or executable file.

In the Group Policy Editor, enable the debug privilege: Input “gpedit. msc” and hit Enter by pressing the Windows key and R. Go to User Rights Assignment under Computer Configuration >

Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies. Double-click “Debug programs” and then include the user account that’s having trouble.

Edit the registry by pressing the Windows key + R, entering “regedit,” and then pressing Enter. Go to Image File Execution Options under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows

CurrentVersion. Find the offending program or executable file, then create a new DWORD value called “Debugger” with “ntsd.exe.”

Press Windows key + R, type “msconfig,” and press Enter to disable User Account Control (UAC). Scroll down.

This is a complete guide to your AutoCAD activation error. I hope you will easily access it after seeing this article. Share this post with your friends circle who really need this guide.

Thank you guy. Visit again in the next blog post.


The Common error “couldn’t get debug privilege” in your system helps you with this article. In summary, the step by step is Download autocad>Install on your PC>Lunch autocad/Active autocad/application run as administrative> Follow the Screen process.

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