Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Hello guys welcome to my next blog post. Today I will discuss in detail google classroom games in 2023. What is the Best virtual game you can play in google classroom? All the google classroom games help to improve your learning capacity for the child. So that this is very helpful for such a child compared to other unnecessary games.

I have included this topic today because this is very helpful informative knowledge on the internet. I have already discussed the information on Google Classroom and why we use this online website in the learning platform. But today is a very different topic related to virtual games. I have mentioned the top 10 google classroom games websites to enhance skills and experience on virtually.

As education evolves, incorporating technology into the learning process has become essential. One platform that has gained significant popularity among teachers and students is Google Classroom.

This virtual learning environment provides an easy way to organize assignments, engage students, and nurture them. To improve the learning experience, teachers have also started integrating games into Google Classroom. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best Google Classroom games in 2023 that are both entertaining and educational.

What is Gamification in Education?

Gamification in education refers to the integration of game elements, such as competition, rewards, and interactive challenges, into the learning process to make it more engaging, motivating, and effective for students.

Benefits of Google Classroom games

First of all, we will discuss what are the benefit of google classroom games in the Education sector. Following are the major benefit of virtual games playing through google classroom. Keep in mind why we use google classroom games for the education purpose:

  1. Increases engagement and participation.
  2. Makes learning fun and enjoyable.
  3. Increases motivation to learn.
  4. Promotes healthy competition among students.
  5. Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.
  6. Improves cooperation and teamwork skills.
  7. Increases memory retention and knowledge recall.
  8. Provides immediate feedback on student performance.
  9. Adapts to different learning styles and paces.
  10. Creates an interactive and dynamic learning environment.
  11. Helps students develop digital literacy skills.
  12. Supports self-directed learning.
  13. Increases student autonomy and responsibility.
  14. Reinforces subject understanding through gameplay.
  15. Creates a positive classroom environment.
  16. Reduces monotony and boredom in studying.
  17. Encourages exploration and curiosity.
  18. It is compatible with modern teaching methods.
  19. Bridging the gap between education and technology.
  20. Prepares students for real-world challenges.

These are some benefits of google classroom games.

What are the best Google Classroom Games?

If you are in 2023 you have to know these 10 games playing through the google classroom. I have mentioned individual introductions, features, and official websites or applications for accessing the google classroom game. without wasting time let’s jump into the main topic today.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is one of the best and no 1 Google classroom games in 2023. It is a collaborative learning game that encourages teamwork and quick decision-making quality. In this game, students are divided into teams and must answer questions correctly to advance. This game enhances memory retention and subject understanding while promoting healthy competition.

Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Features of Quizlet Live

  • Collaborative learning through team-based gameplay.
  • Random team assignment for diverse interactions.
  • Real-time competition with classmates.
  • Adaptive difficulty to challenge all skill levels.
  • Instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers.
  • Engaging interface with vibrant graphics and animations.
  • Variety of question formats including multiple choice and matching.
  • Built-in moderation and security features for a controlled environment.
  • Integration of study materials created on the Quizlet platform.
  • Encourages active participation and peer support.
Quizlet Live Official

Playing Quizlet Live

The followings are the process of playing the Quizlet live game on google classroom:

  • Instruct students to join the Google Classroom assignment.
  • Once all students have joined, start the game.
  • Quizlet Live will automatically divide students into random teams.
  • Students will see a question and must collaborate to find the correct answer.
  • Each team member has a different answer option on their screen.
  • Teams must communicate and select the correct answer together.
  • If a team answers correctly, they move on to the next question.
  • If a team answers incorrectly, they go back to the beginning.
  • The first team to answer all questions correctly wins the game.


This is second best google classroom game in 2023. Kahoot! It remains a favorite among teachers because of its interactive quizzes and surveys. Students compete individually or in groups to answer questions correctly in real-time. The vibrant interface and competitive nature make learning an exciting experience.

Google Classroom games

Features of Kahoot

  • A live, multiplayer quiz game for interactive learning.
  • Accessible via a web browser or Kahoot app.
  • A wide range of pre-made quizzes on various topics.
  • Option to create custom quizzes with questions and answers.
  • Attractive and vibrant visual interface with colors and animations.
  • Real-time leaderboards display player rankings.
  • Multiple-choice questions with timed answers for excitement.
  • Music and sound effects for an energetic atmosphere.
  • Ability to play in both individual and group settings.
  • Supports both in-person and distance learning environments.
Kahoot Official

How to Play Kahoot quiz in google classroom

Open Kahoot and create/select a quiz.

Copy the quiz’s unique game PIN.

Open Google Classroom and select the class.

Create a new assignment or announcement.

Paste the game PIN in the description or link section.

Set the due date and any additional instructions.

Post the assignment/announcement for students.

Students access the game via the provided link.

They enter the game PIN to join the session.

The game starts once enough students have joined.

Students answer questions on their devices.

Points are awarded based on correct answers and speed.

Leaderboard displays live rankings during the game.

After the game, review the results with the class.

Discuss answers, explanations, and learning points.

Encourage friendly competition and engagement

Repeat the process with different quizzes.

Use Kahoot’s reports to track student performance.

Keep the learning experience interactive and fun.

Utilize Kahoot for both in-person and remote classes.


Same as Kahoot, Quizizz offers a gamified assessment platform. It provides instant feedback and allows teachers to create personalized quizzes. With different types of questions, it caters to different learning styles. This is also one of the best google classroom games websites. Try out the website to enhance self-knowledge.

Google Classroom game

Features of Quizizz

  • Interactive quiz and assessment platform.
  • Real-time multiplayer mode for competitive learning.
  • Customizable quizzes with different types of questions.
  • Immediate response and correct answer explanation.
  • Option to embed multimedia, images, and videos in questions.
  • Ability to share quizzes with other teachers.
  • Tracking and analyzing student performance and progress.
  • Integration with Google Classroom for seamless use.
  • Add game elements like avatars and leaderboards.
  • Available in many tools for flexible learning.
Quizizz Official

How to play the Quizizz game through google classroom?

Create a Quizizz quiz on the Quizizz platform.

Copy the quiz link or code provided.

Open your Google Classroom.

Create a new assignment.

Add the quiz link or code in the assignment description.

Set the due date and other assignment details.

Choose the appropriate class or classes for the assignment.

Students click on the link or enter the code to access the quiz.

Students complete the quiz at their own pace.

Immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers.

Scores are displayed at the end of the quiz.

Teachers can access detailed student performance reports.

Assignments and scores are automatically recorded in Google Classroom.

Teachers can provide additional instructions or resources within Google Classroom.

Promotes self-paced learning and engagement.


Gimkit turns learning into a strategy game where students earn virtual currency by answering questions correctly. They can then use this currency to enhance their in-game abilities. This unique approach keeps students engaged while reinforcing learning. These games to learn how we can earn and how to invest in the right way in the right place.

Features of GIMkit

  • Interactive quiz game platform.
  • Customizable questions and content.
  • Real-time feedback for students.
  • In-game currency and upgrades.
  • Leaderboards and competitive elements.
  • Adaptive difficulty levels.
  • Integrates with Google Classroom.
  • Variety of question types.
  • Engaging and immersive gameplay.
  • Supports active learning and retention.
GIMkit Official

How to Play GIMKit in google classroom

Step 1: Log in to your Google Classroom account.

Step 2: Create a new assignment or announcement.

Step 3: Click on “Add” and choose “Link” from the options.

Step 4: Paste the GIMKit game link into the provided field.

Step 5: Add a title and instructions for the game.

Step 6: Set a due date and any additional details.

Step 7: Choose the appropriate class or classes to assign the game to.

Step 8: Click “Assign” to share the GIMKit game with your students.

Step 9: Students will receive a notification and can access the game through the link.

Step 10: After playing, students can submit their scores or results as directed.


Flippity converts Google Sheets into interactive games. From flashcards to random name pickers, teachers can create a variety of activities. It is a versatile tool that adds an element of surprise to the learning process.

virtual Classroom game

Features of Flippity

  • Converts Google Sheets into interactive activities.
  • Provides various templates for games and learning tools.
  • Allows customization of content and design.
  • Supports flashcards, quizzes, and random name pickers.
  • Provides engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Google Classroom.
  • Provides a versatile tool for teachers of various subjects.
  • Increases student engagement through elements of surprise.
  • Facilitate the creation of interactive study materials.
  • Provides a dynamic approach to content delivery.
Flippity Official

How to Play Flippity on Google Classroom?

Create a Flippity activity using Google Sheets.

Customize the activity with your content and questions.

Publish Google Sheets activity to the web.

Copy the activity’s published URL.

Go to Google Classroom and select your class.

Create a new assignment or announcement.

Paste the URL into the assignment description.

Add any additional instructions for students.

Set due dates and other assignment settings.

Click “Assign” to share the Flippity activity with students.

Students can access activities, interact with content, and learn through interactive play.

Review student progress and performance with Flippity data in Google Sheets.

Digital Breakout EDU

Digital Breakout EDU adapts the escape room concept to an educational setting. Students solve puzzles and decipher codes to progress. It promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Best online Google Classroom games

Features of Digital Brakout EDU

  • Puzzles and challenges for critical thinking.
  • Interactive problem-solving activities.
  • Virtual adaptation of escape room concept.
  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration.
  • Engaging and immersive learning experience.
  • Incorporates various subject areas.
  • Customizable for different grade levels.
  • Develops analytical and logical skills.
  • Promotes creativity and innovation.
  • Provides immediate feedback on progress.
Digital Breakout EDU

How to Play Digital Breakout EDU?

Share the Digital Breakout link with students.

Students access the link and gather clues virtually.

Solve puzzles and challenges collaboratively.

Use provided tools to decipher codes and clues.

Enter codes into designated platforms.

Unlock virtual locks and progress further.

Communicate and collaborate with peers.

Apply critical thinking to overcome obstacles.

Utilize hints if needed for guidance.

Complete all challenges to “break out.”

Trivia Plaza

Trivia Plaza offers a collection of subject-specific quizzes. Teachers can choose quizzes relevant to their curriculum, making learning engaging and relevant. This is a great way to reinforce concepts in an interactive way.

Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Features of Trivia Plaza

  • A wide selection of subject-specific quizzes.
  • Custom quizzes to match the course.
  • Engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • Diverse question patterns and types.
  • Track student progress and performance.
  • Provides instant feedback on answers.
  • Supports both individual and group play.
  • Promotes healthy competition among students.
  • Accessible through various devices.
  • Increases retention of learning material.
Trivia Plaza official

How to Play Tricia Plaza in google classroom?

Access the Trivia Plaza website.

Choose a relevant quiz for your subject.

Click on the quiz link to open it.

Copy the quiz URL from the browser.

Go to Google Classroom.

Create a new assignment or announcement.

Paste the quiz URL in the assignment description.

Provide any additional instructions.

Set due date and points if needed.

Assign the quiz to your students.


Plickers combines technology with traditional methods. Students hold up coded cards to answer multiple-choice questions. The teacher scans the cards with a smartphone, capturing instant responses. It is an inclusive approach that encourages participation. Try out the best google classroom unblocked game this year.

Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Features of Plickars

  • A unique combination of technology and traditional methods.
  • Uses coded cards for student responses.
  • The teacher scans the cards using a smartphone or device.
  • Provides instant capture of multiple-choice answers.
  • An inclusive approach to participation, regardless of devices.
  • Supports formative assessment and rapid feedback.
  • Simplifies data collection for teacher analysis.
  • Promotes active engagement and classroom interaction.
  • There is no requirement for personal student equipment.
  • Enhances real-time interaction and discussion.
Plickers Official

How to Play Plicker Google classroom game?

Prepare coded Plickers cards for each student.

Create a Plickers account and set up your class.

Add the Plickers questions you want to use to the Plickers library.

Start a Plickers session from your account.

Demonstrate the Plickers question to the class.

Students hold up their Plickers cards with their chosen answer face up.

Use the Plickers mobile app to scan cards.

The app instantly records and displays student responses.

Discuss the results and answer choices with the class.

Provide immediate feedback based on feedback.

Track and analyze student performance over time.

Integrate Plickers into Google Classroom by sharing session results.

Repeat the process for different questions and topics.

Increase engagement and active participation in class.


Factile takes your learning material and turns it into an exciting game of risk! Imagine students immersing themselves in the material as they work together in teams. This not only spices up the classroom but also encourages some friendly competition, ensuring that everyone gets a solid grasp of the subject matter.

Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Features of Factille

  • An interactive game-based learning platform.
  • Transforms learning material into Jeopardy-style games.
  • Custom game templates for different topics.
  • Supports team-based competition.
  • Provides engaging review and assessment activities.
  • Offers a range of question formats (multiple-choice, short answer, etc.).
  • Track student progress and performance.
  • Encourages healthy competition among students.
  • Increases retention of educational content.
  • Suitable for both in-person and distance learning environments.
Factile Official

How to Play Factile Game in Google Classroom?

Log in to Google Classroom and access your classroom.

Create a new assignment or announcement.

Copy the link to the Factile game you want to use.

Paste the link in the assignment or announcement description.

Add any additional instructions or information.

Publish assignments or announcements for your students.

Students click on the link to access the Factile game.

They join the game using their favorite device.

Play games, answer questions, and earn points.

Students compete individually or in teams.

Review the score and performance at the end of the game.


Prodigy offers a mix of learning and role-playing game elements. It adapts to each student’s skill level and provides a personalized learning journey. With its captivating story and educational content, it keeps students motivated.

Top 10 Best Engaging Google Classroom Games in 2023

Features of Prodigy

  • Adaptive learning is tailored to the individual needs of students.
  • Engaging gameplay that combines educational and role-playing elements.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the curriculum in various subjects.
  • Interactive math challenges with real-time feedback.
  • Progress tracking and performance analysis for educators.
  • Personalized learning itineraries for each student.
  • Motivating rewards and incentives to improve participation.
  • Accessible on various devices, promoting flexible learning.
  • Teaching tools to assign homework and monitor student progress.
  • A safe online environment with content appropriate for different age groups.
Prodigy Official

How to play Prodigy in Google Classroom?

Integration: Log in to your Google Classroom account as a teacher.

Class Creation: Create a new class or choose an existing one where you want to include Prodigy.

Classwork: Navigate to the “Classwork” tab in the selected class.

Assignment Creation: Click on “Create” and select “Assignment”.

Title and Instructions: Title the assignment and provide clear instructions for students.

Add content: Click the paperclip icon to add content to the assignment.

External Device: Select “Link” and paste the link into the Prodigy game.

Preview Link: To make sure the link works, click “View” and confirm that it opens the Prodigy game.

Due Date: Set a due date for the assignment.

Topic and Points: Assign a topic and point value for the assignment.

Distribution: Choose whether to assign the game to the entire class or specific students.

Post Assignment: Click “Assign” to post a Prodigy Game assignment.

Student Access: Students will see the assignment in the “Classwork” tab and can access the Prodigy game by clicking on the link provided.

Gameplay: Students play the Prodigy game while engaging with the educational content while enjoying the gameplay.

Progress Monitoring: As students play, you can monitor their progress and performance through Prodigy’s analytics.

Feedback and Grading: Provide feedback on their gameplay and, if necessary, grade assignments.

Engagement: Encourage students to continue using Prodigy to reinforce learning.


Finally, all the mentioned games are Google Classroom games that have their own features and playing process which I included above. I hope this article is very helpful and informative. please sharing to other teachers and students who want to play a virtual game on google classroom. All the google classroom games websites are also mentioned. You can directly land on their official page to direct game playing.

FAQs for Google Classroom Games

Can these games be accessed for free?

Yes, most of these games offer free access with optional premium features.

Are these games customizable for different subjects?

Absolutely, many of these games allow educators to create custom content to align with their curriculum.

Do these games require high-speed internet?

While a stable internet connection is preferred, some games offer offline modes or lower bandwidth options.

Can I track students’ progress through these games?

Yes, many of these games provide progress tracking and analytics for educators.

Are these games suitable for remote learning?

Yes, these games are designed to be used in both traditional classroom settings and remote learning environments.

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