Gradient of Road Alignment | 4 Types of Gradient

The gradient of Road Alignment

Hello, friends today we will talk about the Gradient of road Alignment. If you already know about the alignment gradient that’s good if you don’t know about the gradient of road alignment this article is for you. so stay tuned till the end.

The gradient is the rise and falls along the length of the road with respect to the horizontal. Gradients are the most important thing in constructing road alignment. Without the gradient, it cannot be possible to make the road alignment.

The gradient is the essential component of road alignment. More than a more usable component of the road is the gradient. The road has been upgraded and downgraded the gradient for the proper management of road alignment. The rise and fall of road alignment are with respect to the horizontal alignment of the road. The gradients are expressed in ratio and percent (%). Like, 1 in x (1 vertical to x horizontal unit).


Upgrade or ascending gradient:

It is the vertical displacement from a lower level to a higher level, then the vertical displacement becoming positive which is called the upgrade gradient.

Downgrade or descending gradient:

It is the vertical displacement from a higher level to a lower level, then the vertical displacement is becoming a negative which is called the downgrade gradient.


Rate of rising and fall along the lengths of road alignment with the respect to the horizontal road alignment.

expressed in form of ratio and percent%

Gradient rising=Positive Gradient

Gradient Falling =Negative Gradient

There are many types of gradients that are used in road alignment. Followings are the main type of gradient for road alignment.


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Rolling gradient:

It is also called a design gradient. The maximum gradient within which the road designer attempts to design the vertical gradient of the road profile.


Limiting gradient:

A limiting gradient is a type of gradient that is used where the topography of a place adopts a steeper gradient. The place where adopting a steeper gradient than the rolling and limiting gradient is used.


Exceptional gradient:

In some extraordinary situations, exceptional may be unavailable to provide steeps gradient at least for short stretches in such cases exceptional gradients used should be limited only for the short stretch not exceeding about 100 meters at the stretch.


Minimum gradient:

The minimum gradient is a vital gradient such a type of gradient is used where occurs a problem of drainage. One of the levels of the road where becomes a drainage problem then the minimum gradient is provided in the road such type of gradient is minimum gradient.


Note: The reduction of the gradient at the horizontal curve is called grade compensation.

This is done to compensate for the loss of tractive effort due to the curve.

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