Highway Bridge | 4 Basic Classification| Characteristics | Process.

What is Highway Bridge?

Hello friends, Welcome to my website Engineering Technology. Today I will take What is Highway Bridge? Classification and Characteristics of the ideal Bridge. I have included this topic on this website. Because this is the most important part of the civil engineering sector. Most of the bridge design and construction can be performed by the engineer. So friends this website is for engineering. So that I am including this topic on this website. 



Highway Bridge is the most essential part of the Highway. Without making a highway bridge Highway is not complete. In this article, I will cover the introduction of the highway bridge, its characteristics, and the classification of bridges.

Before starting the construction of the highway. An engineering survey can be performed. So before starting the project the highway bridge survey is to be completed.

All the data should be collected before the start of the highway bridge project. Different types of obstacles are produced on the highway alignment then we need to construct a highway bridge. So that this is the most important topic in engineering construction. So let’s get start 》》

What is a Highway Bridge?

A Highway bridge is the most important part of highway alignment or highway engineering. Which deals with the medium of passage over any type of obstacle. 

It is defined as the Structure constructed over any type of obstacle to providing the passage known as a Bridge. 

According to NRS 2045, the cross drainage structure whose span length is more than 6 meters and construction on the Highway is termed a Highway Bridge.

Where the length is less than 6 meters as called the culvert. 

So friends Highway Bridge is one of the types of Culvert but the distance is more than 6 meters which is constructed over the obstacles on the highway. I hope you can understand the definition of a bridge



Characteristics of Ideal Bridge are the following:

The main characteristics are listed below. The engineer can already keep this in the mind before construction and design of the Highway Bridge. Because without knowing about the character of the ideal bridge of highway can’t achieve to maintain high-quality construction. So I will include this also.

The line of the bridge should not have a serious deviation from the line of approach road or highway. 

The Bridge should be at an equal level to the highway. 

The width of the highway bridge should be sufficient to bearing of future traffic on the bridge. 

The bridge surface should be similar to the road surface. 

The bridge should provide passage for transfer water pipes, telephone lines, etc.

Highway bridges should be economical construction and maintenance. 



Classification of Highway Bridge 

The Highway bridge should classify on different bases. Whose span, length, loading, materials, and structures. The different types of highway bridges should construct in different palaces of the highway. 



Based on the span of bridge classification 

Minor Bridge 

This is the bridge whose span length is more than 6 meters up to 20 meters in total length. 

Medium Bridge 

The highway bridge whose a span length is less than 20 meters. The total length of this type of bridge should be constructed up to 20 meters. 

Major Bridge 

I hope this type of bridge is already known. But I will clear you about the major bridge. Most of the major bridges should construct on the highway. 

The bridge whose span length is greater than 20 meters. 



According to loading of bridge classification 

Major Bridge 

Highway standard 20-44 or IRC class AA or only other equivalent loading or class 7 or additional loading. 

Medium or minor Bridge 

Highway standard 15-44 or IRC class A or any other equivalent loading. 

Temporary Bridge 

Highway standard 15-44, IRC class B, equivalent loading, class 7, or additional loading. The temporary bridge was constructed in a specified area.


According to Structure classification 

RCC T bridge or RCC simply supported bridge. 

Cantilever bridge [single and double].

Arch bridge. 

Suspended or Suspension bridge.

Steel bridge.

Movable bridge. 

Clay stayed bridge. 



According to materials 

Timber bridge 

RCC bridge 

Masonry bridge [brick masonry, stone masonry, concrete masonry, etc.]

Steel bridge 

Floating bridge, pontoon, boat bridge, aft bridge.



What is the Bridge Construction Process? 

Friends this is the main part of the highway. The construction of the bridge was divided into different parts. Like designing, surveying, estimating, and construction. The complete process of a bridge is to elaborate on the different parts. 

The different types of phases of work from starting to ending of the highway bridge construction is called the highway bridge construction process. The different types of work that should be done before the construction are detailed below:



In the part of surveying the highway. Surveying is the most essential part of engineering construction projects, which develops the construction. In the first step highway surveying project is done. So guys surveying is the preplanning phase of the project. In the surveying phase, the following process should complete before the construction. 


Map study 

If the topography map of the project area is available, then possible to work on a map study. In the map study, the flow direction of water, the Geological condition of the area, the obstacle structure, and the population of the traffic determine in this step. Several ideas should collect in this step then the next process is started. 



This is the part of surveying. In this phase, the project area observes on the field. The final selection of the project should fix in this phase. After the map study, many data collection can’t include in the map study. 


Preliminary survey 

This is the third step of the survey. In this phase collect all the important physical and Geological details on the project area. Like the flow of the river, obstacles conditions, rock and soil properties, people who use the highway bridge, etc. It helps to determine if the lump sum project. 


Detail survey 

This is the final step of the survey. In this phase prepare construction details, plan of the project, elevation, section, length of the bridge, the width of the bridge, select the using materials, manpower, etc.

So friends these above are the steps of surveying. Without a survey, the bridge construction project shouldn’t possible to construct. 


Collection of materials 

After the surveying and the using materials collect on the site. Like cement, sand, aggregate, steel Reinforcement, stone, brick, etc.


Selection of manpower 

The manpower for the construction of the highway should be selected before the construction. Like an engineer, surveyor, labor, mistri, etc. Then after the project should start.


Details of superstructure and substructure.

Any type of bridge has part of the main component. Which are superstructure and substructure. I will talk about the two components. 


The structure of the bridge above the bearing is known as a superstructure. The superstructure is that part of the bridge over which traffic moves safely. 

It mainly includes main girders cross girders deck slab, parapet, roadway, footway kerb stones, etc.



The function of the substructure is similar to that of foundation columns and walls. It Supports the super and distributes the load to the soil below through function. It mainly includes abutment and its cap function for abutments and piers etc. The function of the bridge may be open function well foundation and will foundation etc.

I hope you like and help with this article. These are the classification and characteristics of the highway bridge. Hope you understand the introduction, characteristics, and classification of the highway bridge. So friends if you like please comment to me for feedback. join us with social media. thank you.

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