How to Change the Unit in AutoCAD Quick in Just 5 Steps

Hi! Welcome to this informative blog post. Today we will discuss how to change the unit in AutoCAD quickly and easily. I hope you are able to change your preferred working unit after seeing this post on the AutoCAD setting.

As an experienced autocad designer, you are familiar with setting up units in autocad. However, for Biggner, this may not be common knowledge and could lead to the inaccurate unit setup in the Working Panel of AutoCAD. This article is particularly useful for those who require this information. Here, we will provide simple steps to help you save time and ensure that your designs are accurate. Let’s begin.

Opening the Drawing

how to change the unit in AutoCAD

This is the First step to change Autocad access. launch AutoCAD and access the drawing you want to edit. If you’re starting from the beginning, generate a new file. Keep in mind that it’s important to frequently save your work to prevent any loss of progress.

Accessing the Unit Setting

How to change autocad unit

How to change the unit in autocad is the next important step after opening the drawing. In AutoCAD, you have the power to change the unit type (imperial or metric) and precision in this section. You can access to change in this window.

Follow the instruction to change the unit in AutoCAD easily:

  1. Go to the Application Menu (the “A” icon in the upper left corner).
  2. Navigate to Drawing Utilities > Units, or simply type “UNITS” in the command line and hit Enter

Choosing the unit type

easy way to change AutoCAD drawing unit

After accessing the Units dialog box, you have the option to select either imperial or metric units based on the needs of your project. Choose the appropriate unit system accordingly.

If you’re working on a project imperial system, you can select inches, feet, or miles. On the other hand, projects involving millimeters, centimeters, or meters are the metric system. You can choose one system of your need during the change of the Unit in AutoCAD.

Imperial SystemMetric System
Inches Milimeters

Precision Matters

Just five step to change unit in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, designing precision depends on you. How many decimal places do you want to work with? You can choose many decimals during the design. If you work on architectural projects two decimal places may be sufficient. But for more complex designs you need more precision. Design quality should have more precision as possible. So you need to care about it.

Consider the nature of your project and adjust the precision accordingly. Keep in mind that using excessive decimal places can lead to unnecessarily large file sizes and might slow down your AutoCAD experience.

Dynamic Input Advantages

Did you know that AutoCAD has a great feature called Dynamic Input? It can save you a lot of time. Once it’s enabled, you can input distances and coordinates right on the drawing area without being limited to using only the command line. If you will enable these features your design work time will be saved. Try this feature in AutoCAD.

Follow the instruction to Active Dynamic Input

  1. Find the Dynamic Input button on the status bar (It appears to be a small square containing numbers.).
  2. Click on the button to toggle Dynamic Input on or off.

Save and Apply

Click “OK”! After you have made your desired unit and precision. The appears Units dialog box to apply the changes. Hope you easily understand how to the change unit in AutoCAD. If you have any confusions please contact with us.

How to Change the Unit in AutoCAD by Shortcut Command

This is a simple and easy way to change the unit in AutoCAD. Follow the following instructions to change the unit using the shortcut command:

  1. Open AutoCAD file with .DWG format
  2. Type the “UN” command on the command bar
  3. The drawing unit box appears on the screen.
  4. You can choose unit types ( architectural, Decimal, engineering, fractional, and scientific )
  5. Also, change the angle type.
  6. Change the unit by clicking “unit the scale inserted content”
  7. Then click “OK” Botton and apply the setting.
  8. Checking once again to be sure about it.

Note: The shortcut command of the Unit is “UN


How to change the unit in AutoCAD is not complex. You can easily change your desired unit format by changing the unit dialogue box set. In AutoCAD, You can select two types of unit styles. Such as the Imperial and Metric systems. Simultaneously also adjust precision to improve design accuracy. Also, take advantage of time-saving features like Dynamic Input in AutoCAD.

Remember, getting the units right is important for the accuracy and success of your designs. So always double-check your settings before Starting your next project.


Can I change the unit type after I’ve started my drawing?

Yes, you can change the unit type at any point during your project by accessing the unit settings and making the necessary adjustments

What’s the difference between decimal and architectural unit precision?

Decimal precision displays distances with a specific number of decimal places (e.g. 0.01), while architectural precision uses fractions (e.g./16) for imperial units.

Does changing units affect existing dimensions in my drawing?

Changing the unit type will not automatically scale existing dimensions.

Can I change units for only a specific part of my drawing?

No, the unit setting applies to the entire drawing. AutoCAD does not support different units within the same drawing.

How does Dynamic Input improve my workflow?

Dynamic Input allows you to input distances and coordinates directly in the drawing area, making the drawing process more intuitive and efficient.

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