How to Check EDV Results of 2024 || २०२४ को इ. डी. भी. नतिजा कसरि हेर्ने ?

How to check the EDV Results of 2024?

Hi, guys, we are very excited today because May 06, 2023, publishing date of the EDV 2024. So are you ready to check? If you are ready you know all about the checking process of EDV Results. if you know this that’s good, But if you don’t know I will give you a simple way to check the results accurately. So let’s get started:

If you apply For the Diversity Visa program for 2024, you are also waiting for the EDV result today. If yes best of luck to get the EDV Result of 2024. Today is a big day to live and work in the United state with a low rate of immigration if EDV is successfully Granted.

Checking the EDV result of a very confusing and stressful process. Don’t worry today I will help you to check easily. For that, you need to read the full article:

What is Diversity Visa?

I am already discussed in details about the diversity visa. But in this article, we discuss in short information of EDV. The Diversity visa is part of the visa of the United States provide to individuals from different countries to live and work in the USA. EDV also called the Green Card lottery visa provides to live and work individuals.

The US Department of State is the administration of the EDV program. This is a Lottery system to get a visa so we don’t get to all the applications that apply. The department selected the required number of applicants only.

When we check EDV Result?

Normally the EDV result is released in May each year. you can check in the May month of the US calendars system. We already know today also may month we can check. The result is free to see, no fee is required to check the DV result.

How to check EDV Result?

The followings are some steps to checking the EDV result easily. you can follow the steps wise to check your result of the Green Card lottery:

Go to the US Department of State’s website at

Click on the “Entrant Status Check” link

How to Check EDV Results of 2024 || २०२४ को इ. डी. भी. नतिजा कसरि हेर्ने ?

And click on the Continue button

How to Check EDV Results of 2024 || २०२४ को इ. डी. भी. नतिजा कसरि हेर्ने ?

Enter the confirmation number that you received when you submitted your EDV application

Enter your personal information, including your last name, year of birth, and authentication code

Click on the “Submit” button

How to Check EDV Results of 2024 || २०२४ को इ. डी. भी. नतिजा कसरि हेर्ने ?

Review your EDV lottery status information

Print a copy of your confirmation page for your records

Tips for checking your EDV Result

I have included some personal tips for checking your EDV Result for 2024. Today you need some important tips to see your Lottery Result. following are some important tips you need today to get your result accurately:

Keep your confirmation number in a safe place

Check your results using the official US Department of State website only

Don’t rely on third-party websites or services

Verify that you’re on the official website by checking the URL and site security features

Be patient, as the results may take some time to be available

Check your results regularly, as they may be updated over time

Enter your personal information accurately and carefully

Double-check your confirmation number to ensure that it’s correct

Use a reliable internet connection to avoid errors or interruptions

Check your spam or junk email folders in case your notification email was filtered

Contact the US Department of State if you have any questions or concerns about your results

Be prepared to provide additional documentation or information if requested

Don’t share your confirmation number or personal information with anyone else

Keep a record of your confirmation number and results for future reference

Check your results during the designated timeframe to avoid missing out

Be cautious of scams or fraudulent websites claiming to offer assistance with DV lottery results

Follow any instructions provided with your results carefully

Attend any required interviews or appointments promptly and prepared

Be aware of any additional requirements or fees associated with claiming your visa

Stay informed about any updates or changes to the EDV lottery program, eligibility requirements, or the application process.

Common Questions about Checking EDV Result

How do I know if I am eligible for the EDV Program?

You must be a native of a nation with a low rate of immigration to the United States to qualify for the EDV program. Additionally, you need to meet certain educational and professional standards. It’s crucial to visit the US Department of State website for the most recent information because the exact eligibility requirements can change from year to year.

What happens If my confirmation Number is lost?

By going to the US Department of State’s website and entering the data you gave when you filed your EDV application, you can get your confirmation number back if you lose it.

How do I claim My Visa If I’m successful in the EDV Lottery?

If you win the DV lottery, you will be given instructions on how to proceed to obtain your visa. Forms must be filled out, and you must appear in person for a visa interview at a US embassy or consulate in your country.

What happens if I’m Not successful in the EDV Lorrty?

You won’t be able to apply for a visa if you don’t win the DV lottery. You may still apply for other immigration schemes or look at other options for coming to live and work in the US, though.

How can I Increase my chances of success in the EDV Lottery?

It’s essential to make sure that your application is correct and complete if you want to improve your chances of winning the DV lottery. Additionally, be sure you complete all qualifying conditions and submit your application before the deadline.

Country time for Check EDV Result

GHANA-4 pm

KENYA -7 pm


USA -12 PM


NEPAL- 9:45 PM













I hope you guys this is great information for you to check the EDV result for 2024. Carefully Follow the steps to check the result mentioned above for accurate results. Before you check the EDV result you should collect a confirmation number, date of birth, and last name you entered on the application.


How much does it cost to apply for the DV lottery?

There is no fee to apply for the DV lottery.

Can I apply for the DV lottery more than once?

No, you can only submit one application per year for the DV lottery.

How long does it take to process a DV application?

The processing time for DV applications can vary, but it typically takes several months.

What should I do if I have a question about my DV application?

If you have a question about your DV application, you should contact the US Department of State for assistance.

Is there an age limit for the DV program?

No, there is no age limit for the DV program. However, you must meet the other eligibility requirements to be eligible for the program.

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