How to Import Excel Data into AutoCAD ? Excel into AutoCAD-TME

How to Import Excel Data into AutoCAD

Hello guys, today I will explain How to import excel data into AutoCAD software. while we have many data in the excel file and we need to convert simultaneously into AutoCAD to make hole design at the same time. this is the process of saving time, fast, etc. so let’s see how to convert excel data into the AutoCAD file.

In the drawings, you need to create specifications and estimates that store descriptive information. Therefore, it is useful to know how to insert a table from Excel into AutoCAD. Those. Transfer tabular data from Microsoft Excel to a graphics editor.


Excel connection with AutoCAD

To import data from Excel into AutoCAD, you need to properly link the data to the desired file. Data will update if it changes. Use the Data Link command located on the Insert tab, Bind, and Extract panel.


AutoCAD (specification) link with Excel


Inserting an Excel table into AutoCAD is done directly when creating a table. To do this, select the “Table” command on the “Annotations” tab, and in the “Insert Table” dialog box, specify the parameters for inserting this object “Based on data links”.


Specification from Excel to AutoCAD


Whichever method is chosen for import from Excel to AutoCAD, the “Data Links Manager” dialog box will open, in which you need to specify “Create a new connection with Excel data”.



Excel table in AutoCAD. Data Links Manager

After that, be sure to enter the name of this link. Try to include a name that reflects the essence.


Insert Excel into AutoCAD. Entering a link name

The next step in transferring a table from Excel to AutoCAD is to select the external file you want to link to. It is possible to link a separate Excel Sheet or the required range when exporting an Excel spreadsheet to AutoCAD by specifying cells.


Link AutoCAD with Excel. Selecting an external file

After clicking “OK” in the Links Manager, a hierarchical list of all links in this document will appear. With the link selected, you can see a thumbnail preview of the table. To close this window, click “Ok”.


Excel → AutoCAD: hierarchical list of links

NOTE: If you used the “Data Link” command, then to display the table in the AutoCAD graphic field, go to the “Annotations” tab, select the “Table” command and select the required link in the drop-down list


Create an AutoCAD table from an existing link

As a result, a table transferred from Excel to AutoCAD will appear in the AutoCAD graphics field.


Excel import into AutoCAD

Changing the relationship between AutoCAD tables with Excel

Export from Excel to AutoCAD establishing a link allows you to update the data in the tables when changes are made. Because this object is a hyperlink.


The Load from Source command updates the related data in the table in the current drawing with the adjustments made in the external file, that is, from Excel to AutoCAD

With the help of the “Upload to source file” command, the data in the Excel file update as a result of changing the table values ​​in the AutoCAD file.


If you correct the table in one of the files, you can always update the data using Load / Unload information.


Follow the instruction To import Excel data into AutoCAD 

After having importing file is ready to import.

Type TABLE and hit ENTER on your keyboard

Tick From an information interface from the Insert alternatives segment 

Dispatch the Data Link director exchange window 

Make another Excel Data Link 

Enter Data Link Name and Press the OK point

Peruse to discover your Excel document and Hit OK multiple times 

Select the embeddings point


AutoCAD – Table Links. Loading / Unloading information

Inserting Excel into AutoCAD is to do by establishing a link between the current drawing and an external file located on your computer. Now you know how to transfer a table from Excel to AutoCAD and draw up a project with all the necessary information. Perhaps an article on how to transfer from AutoCAD to Excel will be useful to you. 

So this is the full package for Import Excel Data into AutoCAD easily. I hope this is very useful in daily working in design and engineering calculation. after calculating all the data in an excel sheet then easily import it into the AutoCAD software.

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