Kumari Engineering College-Our First Destination in Nepal

Kumari engineering college

Hello, friends what’s up? Welcome to my blog techmeengineer. Today I will discuss the kumari engineering college. Which is located in the Kathmandu district. Congratulations to all the students who passed the SLC/SEE examination. Welcome to our college for your best education destination of civil engineering. further below in detail.


Short Information of Kumari Engineering College

Kumari engineering college is located near the buddha stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. This college is completely approved by the CTEVT (Council For Technical Education and Vocational Training). Every year about 48 students sheats are available in this college. if you can admit to this college you need to pass the certificate of the entrance exam of CTEVT. Just 48 students can admission to this college.

Kumari engineering college is a private institution but approved by the CTEVT. So this college is a very trusted college in Kathmandu, Nepal. So without wasting time admit to this college. The students can complete the diploma course in 3 years regularly.


Why did we choose Kumari Engineering College?

I will give you the best answer to this question. Because This institute has only one particular faculty which is the ‘CIVIL” faculty. A diploma in civil engineering faculty is only available in this college. We can learn all the engineering courses in theoretical and practical by the master degree holder teachers. All the teachers are very helpful and responsible for the students.

This college is located in a very silent environment so that the students can study without any noise. We can’t be listening to any kind of vehicles sounds because the college is about 200 meters far from the road. So you can very enjoy your study.

The diploma level has 6 semesters so this college properly follows the semester-wise teaching in every year students.


College Facilities

Kumari engineering college is proved better than better facilities. What are the services you need this college provides you. So don’t confuse about this topic. I will include all the services which you get from this college:

  1. Neat and clean classroom
  2. Drawing room
  3. College Cantin
  4. Practical Lab Room
  5. Playing ground
  6. Surveying instruments [theodolite, auto-level, plane table, staff, ranging rod, arrows, etc.
  7. Every last year college organize Spots week, farewell, Picnic and tour.
  8. 1 Week survey Camp at the end of college and certified on surveying practical.
  9. Practical with theory AutoCAD Training Room.



Process of Admission

Kumari engineering college just has 48 seats. only 48 students can join this college. So if you want to select 48 seats you need to follow the following steps:

  1. you need over 2.0 grades in SEE results in Math, Science, and English.
  2. You need to pass on the CTEVT entrance exam.
  3. If you have both 1 and 2 then you can book your seat.
  4. After selection, you can pay the first semester and admission fee at first and six months different you must pay for the semester.

So all the SEE qualified students who want to start the engineering journey of diploma in civil engineering can fill the online form. The link is below.

Online Application form for 2021 SEE students batch: Form.


So guys don’t be late save your seat in Kumari engineering College for your Civil and architecture engineering career. You can get a seat if you can fill the form first. So brothers and sisters if you can complete your junior study and you confuse which college is best. I suggest Kumari engineering college as fee wise. This college fee is very low as compare to others. I have not included the fee of this college to complete a diploma in civil engineering. Because yearly change the certain amount fee.

If you want to know about the fee of this college please visit the Kumari Engineering College first otherwise you can contact the following contact details for the 2021 batch diploma fee. After you can satisfy with this college you can select otherwise you can select another institution. thank you so much, guys.


Contact Details

  • Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • info@kumari.edu.np
  • http://kumari.edu.np
  • Administrative Department
  • +977-1-4470408


“Keep learning keep success”

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