10 Best Ways to Make Money from Engineering Design in 2022

Make Money from Engineering Design

Do you want to find ways to make money? For example, you may be an engineer who wants to develop your own product and sell it.

Or you might be an entrepreneur who has other businesses in addition to your engineering firm and wants to supplement them with some new income streams.

If so, then this article on how to make money from engineering design might be just what you’re looking for! Here are 10 things that can help you earn money from engineering design whether you have a business or not!


1) Use your design skills in an app

One way you can turn your engineering design into money is by creating a mobile app. Apple has created a great platform for both amateur and professional developers to create their own apps that make their own money. They don’t have anything to do with Android, but they are still quite profitable, nonetheless.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on both platforms and there’s always room for more. Whether it’s something like a calculator app or something more complex like Tinder or Uber, if you can design it, then someone will download it.

Make sure that your app is useful and easy to use so people will use it on a regular basis for years to come.


2) Do pay market research surveys

Did you know many online market research companies will pay you a cash reward in exchange for your opinion? You won’t get rich, but it’s easy money and a great way to earn some extra dough when you don’t have time for additional part-time work.

This is also a great activity if you’re working full-time or running another business and just want an easy way to make some extra cash on your own schedule. You can check out some of our top survey sites.

Make Money from Engineering Design


3) Sell your designs as prints and other items

You can sell your prints as-is or customize them. You can also apply them to other items like t-shirts, hoodies, pillows, and even mugs. They make great gifts for friends and family.

Whatever you decide to do with your designs, keep in mind that they are yours and you should be compensated for every sale. To make money from design, focus on getting a few good clients:

If you’re just starting out in design, focus on making money through side projects rather than looking for full-time work. It’s a much easier way to get started since most companies won’t pay a beginner very much anyway.

Focus on working with companies that have similar values to yours so it will be easier to collaborate together later on down the road if you choose to go full-time.


4) Open a shop on Etsy

As a designer, you could get sponsored for your designs. When I say sponsored, I mean that someone pays you money to design something (ie: An app for their company), and then once it’s completed they own it. Some famous designers are being paid millions of dollars for their ideas on a regular basis.

For example, Apple has been known to pay major designers like Ammunition (NYC), Virgil Abloh (Off-White – Paris), and Tamsin Smith (Studio Proper – London) hundreds of thousands of dollars just to design products or apps for them. Many companies have started sponsoring up-and-coming designers in exchange for having exclusive rights over their next big idea.


5) Get sponsored for your designs

Another way you can make money from engineering design is by getting sponsored for your work. If a major company or corporation sees something in your design, they may be willing to sponsor it—that is, pay you directly for producing it.

This could mean thousands of dollars in income if they really like what you’ve done. To get started with a market research survey in design, make sure you have some samples of your work that showcase your skills and abilities.

Make sure they’re polished and professional-looking so that companies will take them seriously. Once you’ve got those ready, start searching for companies that are interested in sponsoring products.

You can do so by using Google or LinkedIn to find contact information on high-level employees at various companies and then contacting them directly via email or phone call (be sure to use good manners).

You might not get anywhere right away, but once you’ve got some experience under your belt, it’s much easier to convince people to give you a shot!


6) Use your knowledge to provide advice

Despite its name, mechanical engineering isn’t just about engines and robots; it’s also a great deal about economics and marketing. At least if you want to make money in your field of study.

If you know how to turn your knowledge into something that can be sold—whether that be an invention or a service—you could easily earn more than engineers who are less savvy when it comes to applying their skills. Here are 10 ways for young engineers to make some cash.


7) Go freelance

Freelancing is one of several ways you can make money from engineering design. You can sign on with a company that requires your skills for as long as you like, or if you are looking for more variety and flexibility, there are many online marketplaces out there that allow freelance designers to offer their services at an hourly rate.

If you can secure a few long-term clients, that is ideal because it’s possible to earn a steady income from freelancing. However, if you find yourself working for different companies every month, don’t be discouraged; even though your pay might fluctuate from month to month, in general, over time you will make more than if you were working full-time for just one employer.

And remember no matter what kind of work environment you choose—freelance or full-time—you should always charge by the hour so that your earnings are directly tied to how much time and effort you put into each project.


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8) Speak at events

Many companies and groups will pay a speaker’s fee for events where you can talk about your area of expertise, whether it’s as simple as giving a speech at your local library or as complex as presenting on stage at a TEDx conference.

Speaking is an easy way to make extra money, but don’t expect to get rich quickly; depending on what kind of event you speak at, speaking engagements can be few and far between.


9) Offer free workshops online

While you may have no shortage of skills and abilities, there’s only so much you can teach one-on-one in a workshop. But once you make your knowledge more broadly available online, that’s when your expertise can reach thousands—or even millions—of people, not just 10 or 20.


10) Write a book

There are two kinds of ways you can make money from design: making something yourself and selling it (or licensing it) or providing your services to a client.

The first requires a market research survey in design and often several iterations before you nail down a product that people actually want; but both approaches can help you make real money, either as supplemental income or even enough for a living.

This is especially true if you have engineering skills—even better if you’re an engineer with business savvy. But no matter what kind of designer you are, there’s one thing all designers have in common: they need clients. So here are 10 ways to get them.


Advertise the engineering design
One of your options for making money with engineering design is to advertise, by selling ad space on or in a flyer or postcard that comes with your product.

One caveat here is that you’ll want to make sure there are no laws in your area that prohibit advertising products in certain ways—for example, if any part of your item can be considered a choking hazard, you may not be able to advertise it.

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