Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD in 2024

Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD

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Welcome to this blog, You Know How to Make Money on Fiverr from AutoCAD? Be Ready to earn some extra income from Fiverr using your part-time. If you are an AutoCAD Drafter or Architect engineer. This post is very helpful. You can make more money from Fiverr by selling your AutoCAD drawing. So stay tuned till the end. Let’s get started;

If you can use more than time internet access for unprofitable work. Every time day use your internet access using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. 

But you can’t get any helpful information about Money making. Dally your work is wasting your valuable time with the internet.  If you can work online using your AutoCAD knowledge. This article is best for you.

Source of Passive Income from AutoCAD

But you can’t get any helpful information about Money making. Dally your work is wasting your valuable time with the internet.  If you can work online using your AutoCAD knowledge. This article is best for you.

I will give the best direction about making Passive income from Autocad in Fiverr. If you are thinking of making money on Fiverr From AutoCAD, you will use the following details information. Many types of videos are available on YouTube to make money. But you can’t understand and not implement. That is the reason you are able to make more income from the internet

But today in this post basically we will make money from Fiverr by selling AutoCAD Drawing. The building, hospital, school, college, apartment, and other structural structures are designed in AutoCAD and then sold on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

First of all, we will discuss Fiverr. Fiverr is legit and one of the best international money-making platforms. Which is used all over the world. So you also use to make Passive income from Fiverr.

Fiverr is the most Powerful platform for Freelancers. Where the service is provided to the client and clients give the money to the Freelancer. It is the Israeli online market website or platform. Word-wide Freelancers are connected on this platform. You also join for free and earn Passive income from Fiverr.

How to Work on Fiverr by Selling AutoCAD Design?

You are a Freelancer today, I mean you will work as a freelancer to achieve your goals. You can work hard in the initial period. And then gradually increase your income and review also. Review is the key role of Fiverr. If you can get a More Clint review on your Fiverr profile you get a high chance to connect with more Clint and income.

Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD

What is the Necessary to Work on Fiverr?

If you have a personal laptop or computer to access AutoCAD, an internet bank account, and a mobile phone. These are the important devices of online work.

Generally, you need 4 GB RAM and 500GB to 1 TB RAM on your laptop or computer where Different versions of AutoCAD should be accessed. This is the basic information of specifications required to download and install AutoCAD. A laptop and the Internet is the most important part of an online job.

Start Work on Fiverr to Make Money from AutoCAD

The following are the processes to work on Fiverr using AutoCAD. Fiverr is a free registration international online platform. So I will discuss a detailed process of how to work on Fiverr by designing drawings in AutoCAD. The following is the initial process of making money on Fiverr From AutoCAD.

First of all, you join the Fiverr platform by using your email address or Facebook.

Complete your Fiverr profile with your skill-related, knowledge, and experience.  Skill is the most important on your Fiverr profile.  So that you can use your own skill which you have.

After completing your Fiverr profile, Create gigs to rank your Fiverr profile or gigs. I will talk about how to create a gig using AutoCAD Drawing. For that, three or more three drawings should be made on your AutoCAD.

Design any kind of Drawing that is attractive and impressive. Then after plotting that drawing into PNG, and JPG formats with 550 X 370 size. This is the size of a Fiverr gig. So that you can create a jpg or png file of AutoCAD Drawing.

More than three jpg one video and one pdf should be made for your gig profile.  After completing these three formats of your AutoCAD drawing the Fiverr gig is created.

Drawing should have you are interested like: 2D Plan 2D Elevation Section 3D interior or exterior Any kind of drawing should make your skills and experience-based.

Create a GIG to Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD

After your Fiverr profile has been completed, you can start creating your first gig about your product service! To do this, go to the “Selling” menu along the top of the Fiverr screen, and in the drop-down menu choose the “Gigs” option. From your Fiverr profile, simply you need to click the “Create New Gig” button to start the process. Start creating your service gig.

The gig-creating screen was shown on your laptop. Then you fill up the required information. Like the title, description, tag, skill, image, etc.

I will give a basic sample of the gig For AutoCAD design. You can individually write your gig information not a copy from another.

Sample of Fiverr Gig

Title: I will provide you with some different types of titles about AutoCAD. All the titles start with ” I Will. Which is an automatic fill-up by Fiverr. The title plays an important role in Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD. which is the following:

Design 2D Building Floor Plans In AutoCAD.

Make a 2D architectural floor plan in Autocad

Create a 3d floor plan quickly and beautiful

Redraw the 2d floor plan and architectural drawing in Autocad

Design 2D house floor plans and 3d models and rendering

Design a full set of construction drawing

Convert PDF, sketch, and image drawing into Autocad

Draw a floor plan in Autocad

Decorate the interior and exterior parts of the Building

Make 3D interior and exterior for you Building

Create an Attractive Building Floor Plan for you etc.

All of the above are some Title lists for you. which Title can use your Fiverr profile. So next we go to the gig descriptions. Description of the most important part of the Fiverr gigs. In the description, you will use more than more keywords and then rank your gigs fast on Google and Fiverr pages. I will write one sample of gig descriptions. you can see below:

Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD in 2024

About this gig to income from Fiverr

AutoCAD Drawing is an important part of design and construction. If you are looking for a professional Quality 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawing. If also Looking to make a Floor plan, House floor plan, Re-Draw form sketch and pdf file convert pdf to .dwg and AutoCAD building section, Elevation and 3D interior and exterior, you are landing in the right place. You don’t search for another seller anymore.

Note: The given above image is my professional Fiverr account. You can visit as a sample.

You are at the right place!

I offer you the best  AutoCAD Design Services to guarantee 100% satisfaction! Because I believe in perfection and customer satisfaction. 

What we provide:

Building floor plan

2D-floor plan, house floor plan

site plan, elevation, section, and 3D

Have something custom requirements? Please knock me first for any quiet 2D AutoCAD drawings within the house plan.

If you’ve got a thought or concept drawing within the house plan, the simplest thanks to convey your requirement would be through a hand-drawn sketch. regardless of how bad you think that your drawing would be, I can start thereupon.

Following We deliver:

AutoCAD file

Source file – DWG


Images – PNG or JPG format

Please keep in mind:

It is better to have a chat before placing the order which helps a lot to get a great house plan.

Include, which type of work you do. like 2D, and 3D floor plans, sections, elevations, and others that subject you to an expert.

Why choose my gig?

Professional & Experienced AutoCAD.

AUtoCAD expert 2D and 3D

100% Satisfaction

unlimited revision

I have experience in architectural projects

100% Quality work.

Fastest delivery

NOTE – Please contact me before ordering the project so that you know exactly what you will get.



AutoCAD plan

Building floor plan

Floor plan

AutoCAD 2D

AutoCAD 3D etc. 

The tags should be using a maximum of 5 on your Fiverr gigs. So that you can use only five tags for rankings of your gig. This is the most important part of your gig. Without using a tag you can’t possibly rank your gig.

Price Section

In the pricing section, you can use three options for your gig. Basic, Medium, and premium packages are available. Which is to fix your price and how you can set it. It helps to Make Money on Fiverr from AutoCAD fast. I will give one sample see below:

Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD in 2024Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD in 2024Make Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD in 2024
Price section

Image section

In the image section, you can use your Priviuosly design Drawing on AutoCAD. The size is (550 x 370). This is the featured image for your gig. so your gig image should be attractive. Your image should be highly impressive to the client. If the clink is impressed and satisfied to see your gig and image then you get a chance at a project from the client. So that your image has JPG, PNG format first and PDF or short video also used in your gig. 

Then publish your gig.

Note: Initially you should make only one gig. Don’t try to make 2 or more gigs on your profile until you can’t complete your first job. after completing the first job you make another gig.

This is the easiest way to make money on Fiverr from AutoCAD for Technical Person. If you are a drafter on AutoCAD, you make some extra income source.


Fiverr is an excellent place for a side hustle or maybe to earn a full-time income. it’s even better than Upwork,, or any of the opposite freelance aggregator websites as there are not any subscription fees and it’s liberal to post your gigs.

You’ll build multiple gigs to point out exactly what you’ve got to supply and make them attractive to potential clients. there’s also no bidding on projects – the client comes straight to you.

After your Fiverr gig is Rank you will be able to generate Money on Fiverr From AutoCAD.

Thanks for your visit. visit again and share this post with your friends who what to make money from Fiverr.

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