How to Make Money Online Sitting at Home in 2023?

Everyone wants to make money. That’s why people keep searching Google for “how to make money online”, “how to make money on google”, “how to make money online” every day. People need money, so they need money. As you get older comes responsibility, and now silver becomes silver if you know how to make money.


People make money in a variety of ways, whether it’s working, starting their own business, or online. Need to think about how to make money online? Is this possible or is it a joke? I’m not kidding. You can easily make money online if you want on the internet.


There are millions of people in the world who make money sitting at home. They must not go out and do not work under anyone’s direction. But it also requires talent.


It’s not that you don’t have talent, it’s that the person at the top sends everyone to the ground and gives them some talent. You can easily make money with your talents. You just need to know.

How to make money online from home 2022

Some are good writers and some are good singers. Each people are is different. We learn from others what we ourselves do not know. Likewise, thanks to your talent, you can easily make money online, and there is nothing wrong with that.


So, in today’s article, you will learn how to make money on the Internet. Before proceeding, I want to make one thing clear. This is not a lie. I make a lot of money through the Internet, so I can comfortably meet my needs.

How to make money with a blog

Blogging comes first when talking about how to make money online. Because it is the easiest way to make money. Two things are very important for blogging.

 1) An expert in a certain field expert in a certain field

 2)  writing skills writing skills

Without these two things, starting your blogging journey can be very challenging in the future. If you’re an expert in technology, culinary, business, or any other field, then you don’t have to work hard to create new content in this case. And you can also answer your readers’ questions.

Always do what interests you most. Let’s say you are interested in sports as well as knowledge and blog about technology. You will start a blog, but after a few days, you will have a hard time finding new content. When someone asks a question related to technology, I can’t answer it.

How to make money with a blog

There are many ways to make money with your blog, but we will show you the three best ways. 


There are many online advertising companies that can make money by advertising on your blog. Popular advertising companies on the Internet include Google AdSense,, Information Links, and more. I think you have already answered the question “How to earn money from Google“.


 Affiliate Marketing:

This is helping others sell things. When you help sell products that are sold online, those sellers give you commissions. You can make a lot of money by selling products from major eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, or other hosting companies. You can make more money than affiliate marketing advertising.

 Advertising Post:

When your blog becomes a little popular, many companies ask you to leave a review for their product. They pay a lot of money to review products. Anything related to your blog can get you something similar.

How to make money with YouTube

Who doesn’t know YouTube? However, for informational purposes, we would like to inform you that this site is the 3rd most popular site in the world with millions of views every day.

For those of you who don’t know this, I want to say that YouTube is the best way to make money. Writing content is called blogging, and making money with videos is called blogging. Vlogging stands for video blogging. I had written a post earlier also about Blogging vs Vlogging, you can read it if you want. In this too, it is very important for you to have two things. 

Expert in something – Expert in any field

Art of Presentation – Presentation Skill

Presentation means how you present yourself in front of others, that is, show them. It is very important to have expression and the art of speaking in it. In the case of blogging, blogging costs a little more. For example, you will need a camera, stand, video editing software, etc.

How to make money on YouTube.

As with blogs, there are three main ways to make money on your blog on YouTube.


YouTube and AdSense are both products of Google. All YouTubers make most of their money from this. You can start monetizing AdSense by uploading videos to your account. I will be providing a complete tutorial on this in the next few days. 

Promotional video:

Popular YouTube channels receive offers to view many products. You can even make a lot of money thanks to it.


Affiliate Marketing:

If you see other products on your channel, you can put a buy link in the description below. When a user makes a purchase, you receive a commission from him.

Earn by learning online

These days, most people prefer to teach online over offline. What is an online course? It is a platform where people can spend money and learn the skills they want. Let’s say you are interested in photography.

So, you need to join the academy to find out. It is now impossible to study or do what you want to learn near your home. You may have to go outside for this. But thanks to online tutoring, anyone can sit at home and take the course they want.

How to make money with online tutoring

You can find many such sites on the Internet where people take online courses. Udemy is the best knowledge-sharing platform. Register here to download the full course with videos and documentation. Then you need to set the price for that course.

Anyone who wants to attend a lecture can read it anytime, anywhere by paying through Udemy. Udemy pays some fees with withholding.

Make money selling technology

By skill here we mean internet skills such as SEO, SMO, coding, web design, link building, logo design, etc. Internet marketing is growing day by day.

So, people are looking for professionals to expand their online business who will do their own thing in return for money.

Because doing the same thing can take a long time.  If you are an expert in those online jobs, you can make money while sitting at home.

Fiverr is the best platform to make money with your skills. There are many other sites, but this one is the most popular. 

Make money selling products online

This is a very easy way to make money online. So, visit online sites like eBay, olx, quicker, Amazon regularly to buy the products you need.

Occasionally you will also see many vintages used items that are in the cell and available at very affordable prices.


These online marketplaces are one of the easiest ways to make money without much effort. Here you can sell those items depending on the seller you are not using yet. It can be anything from cell phones, books, and electronic devices to the safety pins our ancestors used.

To sell your product, you need to learn some marketing skills (which will help you describe your product better than others). Information about this is available on the Internet.

Here you should research other sellers, how sellers write about their items, the prices they keep, and how they promote these items.

By doing so, you can also add value to your brand. In this piece, you can also collect old things from your friends and relatives with their help of them.


What may not be very useful to you may be useful to many. Sometimes you can get a good price for them.  Always keep in mind that you can only list items for sale after you register with a trusted online marketplace.

Another thing I want to share with you is that if you want to sell your item quickly, put a price tag on a specific item that is reasonable and someone can buy it.

How to Make Money with Fiverr

Once you register, you can sell your skills on Fiverr. Whose price starts from $5. Each sale is called a gig. When a user of your gig user buys your gig, you get $5 in return for that.

But Fiverr keeps 20% of every sale and gives the rest to you. Working on Fiverr is very easy and I did it myself. If you too have this talent,  register here now.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve already given you some knowledge about this, so now let’s get into the details. Not all sellers can be successful in selling products on the Internet. So he sells himself through affiliate marketing.

Let’s say you own a clothing store but don’t know how to sell it well. This is a way of telling someone that if you help sell clothes,  you will give them a corresponding percentage of the commission on each sale. That’s affiliate marketing.

There is a lot of income from this, but it is not as easy as others. It’s a big deal to convince someone to buy something. If you have that talent then you will be able to earn many times more money than any other way to earn money online. 


How to Start Affiliate Marketing

You do not need to make any investment to start Affiliate Marketing. You can start your first selling from eCommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

After joining their affiliate program, you will get an affiliate link for every product.

Any user who purchases this product through this link will receive a percentage of the commission for it. You can share this link on your blog, video, social media, and email. 

How to make money on mobile

Not everyone has a laptop or computer to make money. So mobile is the only way to make money. I wish everyone had a smartphone. If you want to make money while sitting at home,  you should look at the list of applications for making money.

We have compiled a list of some of these applications here. With their help, you can get a good income from your phone. You don’t need an expensive cell phone for this. All you need is the internet on your phone.

If you follow the rules of these applications correctly, you will have no problems with your income. What do you need to make money online for free?  If you really want to make money online, you really need these.

  • Smartphone/Laptop/Computer
  • Good internet connection
  • A lot of patience
  • Understanding the real and the scam

Make Money With Paid Online  Surveys

This is a very simple and safe way to make money online. This method is the most common and well-known among people. Users don’t have to think about it, just follow the instructions.

These companies provide money to complete such tasks.  Now you may be wondering why these companies pay for such simple tasks. So the answer is that most of these online surveys are done by research companies.

These research companies usually pay Internet users for their opinions or opinions about popular products and services. Some research companies also send participants free products and services to try.

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online, sign up for a  company you can trust and move on. There are many more fraudulent companies here on the internet, so if you believe me,  this method of making money online is the last thing to do.

Please read the company terms carefully first and only sign up for relevant reviews. eight.

How to make money with a URL shortener

URL Shortener means to shorten or shorten a URL. Now you need to think about what it takes to shorten URLs and how to make money from them.

By the way, your thoughts are justified.  Then no one likes long, big URLs. In a situation like this, even if you want to share a link with someone, you’ll still hate large URLs.

URL Shorteners are very useful in these situations. By the way, you may have heard the name  Google Shortner ( used to shorten URLs. However, Google has considered terminating this service.

By the way, it was a free service. Instead, you can use other deflators to withdraw a lot of pocket money. To do this, you need to reduce the large links you want to share with Sites Shortener. And by sharing, whenever a visitor clicks on this link, they first see your ad, and only then can they go to your main site. Now you get paid to see this ad.

There are many such URL-shortening websites on the internet, but many of them are fake and most offer little payout. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best websites you can use for sure. one.

  1. Reduce
  2. oh oh
  3. short

I’ve tried all of these, but in my opinion, the first site ( is very good. The user interface is very nice and there is also a $2 payment option. Also, it doesn’t annoy other users with too many ads. By the way, you get paid for the fact that you see and link to ads. This means that when someone signs up using your link, you receive a commission for that.


Do I have to pay fees to make money online?  The answer is yes and no. There are several ways to pay your fees online. in several ways at the same time.

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