Mirror Command in AutoCAD | How to use Mirror Command in AutoCAD?

Mirror Command in AutoCAD

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Today I will show you What is Mirror Command in AutoCAD? How to use the Mirror Command command in AutoCAD? I will discuss the Mirror command in detail. So please Watch the article till the end. So let’s get started:》》

Why use the command in AutoCAD?

First, we will talk about why use a command in AutoCAD. So guys command is the short instruction. Then you already know why to use the command.

The command is short so you can easily use and get a better result in a very short time by using the command. So that also saves time and getting accuracy. Basically, the command is used for saving time-consuming and getting a better result at work.

But you can also use the icon method of command in the working. You can find every command in the form of an icon in the ribbon bar of AutoCAD. So you can easily work individual icon commands in AutoCAD. All the AutoCAD commands are placed on the ribbon bar.

What is the Mirror Command Of AUTOCAD?

Mirror Command is one of Modify commands. This command is used to mirror the selected object or drawing in AutoCAD.

To copy the object in the opposite direction at the same distance from the mirror. The shortcut command is “MI“.

This command is mostly used to copy and move the object and draw in opposite directions with the same opposite distance of both objects [original and copy objects].

This is the important command when copying or moving the same object at an equal distance from the mirror.

How to use Mirror Command in AutoCAD?

I already explained the command-using method is two types. Which is the shortcut command and icon command method.

You can use two methods in AutoCAD as your working style at the design.

I discuss from starting to ending the details process to use the Mirror command in AutoCAD.


Using Process Of Mirror command in AutoCAD/

First of all, open the AutoCAD application which is available on your laptop or desktop.

Select the file format according to your requirements. Eg already making a file or new model space you can choose anyone.

Setting the unit format which you need. Like centimeters, millimeters, meters, inches, feet, etc. As your requirement.

Conformed which object is to be a mirror. Then

Click the Mirror Icon in the Modify toolbar which lies on the ribbon bar above the AutoCAD screen.

Also, you can type the Mi command in the command bar.

The AutoCAD program suggests you select the object or anything to select the drawing.

And then you can select which drawing or object is to be a mirror.

Press enter or click the right side of the mouse button.

Again AutoCAD program asks you to specify the point.

Then you can click the one point in which direction to mirror and decide the direction before you will click one point of the object which you can previously select the object.

Also, click another point which action ask by the AutoCAD program.

And you can click another point which point is the final point in which direction you mirror the selected object.

Then the AutoCAD program suggests to you delete the original object.

You can see two options on the screen. Like: NO/YES.

If you don’t delete the original object you can click the “NO” option. If you don’t click No the object will be safe.

Also, you will delete the original object you can click the Yes option. If you can click Yes your original object is completely deleted.

The object completely mirrors your AutoCAD screen.

Then press enter or click the right side button of the mouse.

You can see the result on your screen.



These are the detailed process of the mirror object in AutoCAD. Which process can easily modify your requirements? I hope you understand how to use the mirror command in AutoCAD. If you have quarry or doubts about the mirror command you can comment below on the comments box. You can suggest any mistake in my article.

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