Top 100 Most Important Computer Shortcut Keys Special for Basic to Advanced Course.

Most Important Computer Shortcut 

Hey guys, what’s up? I hope you are well. Today in this article I will discuss the Top 100 Most Important Computer Shortcut Keys Special for Basic to Advanced Course. This is the very most important part of a computer operating system. So we need more than more computer commands or computer shortcuts Keys for easy work. To save time and easy to work we should be used computer shortcut Keys. 


Computer Commands

Friends all the computer commands or computer shortcuts Keys are directly performed by the computer keyboard. All the computer shortcut Keys are a combination of the computer keyboard. All the shortcut keys are combined to, Ctrl[Control]shift, Alt[Alter], win[Windows], and function keys are used. Like function Keys F1 to F12. Which lies at the top of the computer keyboards as their product companies. 


I will show you more than 100 computer shortcut Keys on this topic. So you can stay till the end of the article. In the basic to advanced level to get knowledge of the computer keys. Each and every work is to be done to easy and save time-consuming.

So that more than more command or shortcut Keys are used in the computer operating system. Friends, you will be able to get more information about the computer shortcut Keys of the computer a to z. These keys are mostly used in Microsoft word, excel, notepad, WordPad and AutoCAD so on.


Computer Shortcut Keys used in AutoCAD

Actually friends most of the command or shortcut Keys are also used in AutoCAD software. When designing drawings most of the commands can be used. So friends this is the main command also for AutoCAD. Using the different work in different commands to easily work. The desktop shortcut Keys and computer shortcut Keys are the same as the working time. Both sectors are the same for using shortcut Keys to work easily. 


So friends I will list each and every shortcut Key more than 100 for the basic to advanced level of a computer user. 


First of all, I will include the +100 most important Computer shortcut keys list. Then after explaining the shortcut keys list. Here is the following computer shortcut Keys list:



The specific most Important Computer Shortcut Keys:》》









There are special shortcut Keys for computers. 

Home =Move to the beginning of the line on the paragraph of the document. 

Ctrl+Home =Move to the first character of the document. 

End =Move to the end of the line on the paragraph of the document. 

Ctrl+End =Move to the last character of the document. 

PgUp =Page up for move up on the screen at a time on a computer screen.

Phone =Page down for move down on the screen at a time on a computer screen. 


There are special shortcut Keys for computers. 

Computer Shortcut Keys with combined Function Keys [F1 to F12 ]. These keys are included in detail below.


Function 1 [ F1 ]

Display help.

Function 2 [ F2 ]

To rename the selected content. 

Function 3 [ F3]

Search for a file or folder of the document.

Function 4 [ F4 ]

To display the address bar list in the computer or windows explorer. 


Function 5 [ F5 ]

Refresh the running windows screen. 


Function 6 [ F6 ]

Cycle through the screen elements in a windows screen. 


Function 7 [ F7]

To check spelling and grammar of word in Microsoft word document. 


Function 8 [ F8 ]

To enter the windows startup menu to access windows in safe mode.


Function 9 [ F9 ]

Refresh document content in Microsoft Word. 


Function 10 [ F10 ] 

Active the menu bar in the running program.


Function 11 [ F11 ]

Maximize or minimize the running windows program. 


Function 12 [ F12 ]

To open the save as window in Microsoft Word. 



Basic Computer Shortcut Keys:》》



















Alt+Space bar



Alt+Space bar





Right arrow 

Left arrow 






Ctrl+A = Select the all text or content.

Ctrl+C = Copy the selected text or selected content. 

Ctrl+N = Open a new document, file or project. 

Ctrl+V = Paste the copied content or text.

Ctrl+W = Close the web browser or windows explorer. 

Ctrl+X = Cut or delete the selected text or content. 

Ctrl+Y = Redo the last action. 

Ctrl+Z = Undo the last action. 

Ctrl = While hauling an item to copy the selected content. 

Ctrl+Shift = While hauling an item to make a shortcut of the selected content. 

Ctrl+Shift+Esc = To open the any task manager. 

Ctrl+Shift = To highlight the content and select a block of content. 

Ctrl+Esc = To show the start menu bar.

Ctrl+F4 = Close the document in programs where multiple documents are open simultaneously. 

Ctrl+Click = Open the document from the link or URL in the web browser. 

Alt+Enter = View the properties of the selected content or text.

Alt+F4 = Close the running content or program. 

Alt+Space bar = To open the shortcut menu bar for the running window program. 

Alt +Tab = Switch between the open document program and open windows. 

Alt+Esc = To cycle through the document, file program,, and windows to open that.

Alt+Space bar = To show the system menu bar for the running window.

Shift = To select more than one content or text in the window or on the desktop or to select the content in a document. 

Shift+F10 = To show the shortcut menu bar for the selected content by clicking the right-side button of the mouse. 

Delete = To delete the content of the document and move the document to the recycle bin on the computer. 

Shift+Delete = To permanently delete the document file without a move in the recycle bin.

Right arrow = To open the sub-menu bar / To open the next menu bar to the right side.

Left arrow = To close the submenu/ To open the next menu bar to the left side.

Backspace = To delete the one character from right to left.

ESC = To cancel the running task on the document. 

Shift = To insert a CD ROM into the CD ROM drive on the computer. 

There are the basic keys that are used everywhere. 


The Shortcut Keys using Microsoft word:》》















Ctrl+Right arrow 

Ctrl+Left arrow 

Ctrl+Down arrow 

Ctrl+Up arrow 





Ctrl+A = To select all the text or content in Microsoft Word. 

Ctrl+B = To bold the selected text or content. 

Ctrl+D = To show the font dialog box. 

Ctrl+F = To show the find dialog box to search the particular text or content. 

Ctrl+H = To show the replace dialog box. 

Ctrl+I = To make content in Italic mode or shape.

Ctrl+K = To create a hyperlink of the content. 

Ctrl+N = To create a new document file. 

Ctrl+P = To prints a document. 

Ctrl+S = To save a document file.

Ctrl+U = To underline the particular content or text.

Ctrl+W = For close a document. 

Ctrl+Shift+< = For decrease font size. 

Ctrl+Shift+> = For increase font size.

Ctrl+Right arrow = To move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word on the document. 

Ctrl+left arrow = To move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word of the document. 

Ctrl+Down arrow = To move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph. 

Ctrl+up arrow = To move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph on the document. 

Ctrl+backspace = For delete one word right to left.

Ctrl+delete = For delete one word left to right.

Ctrl+Shift+M = For remove a paragraph indent from the left.

These are the shortcuts Keys used in Microsoft word. To easy use in the Microsoft word by these keys.


Windows System of Computer Shortcut Keys:》》















Win+Left arrow 

Win+Right arrow 



Win+Ctrl+Left or right arrow 



Win+ +/-



Win = To show or hide the start screen of the computer.

Win+B = To set focus in the notification panel on the computer screen. 

Win+D = To hide or display the desktop.

Win+E = To open the file explorer on a computer program. 

Win+H = To open the share charm of the content.

Win+I = To open the setting on the computer. 

Win+K = To open any device charm.

Win+L = To lock the computer or desktop. 

Win+M = To minimize all windows program. 

Win+R = To open the Run bar.

Win+S = To search the windows program on the computer. 

Win+T = To cycle through an application on a task manager box.

Win+X = To open the hidden menu bar.

Win+F1 = Open the Microsoft Windows help and support center bar.

Win+left arrow = To open file explorer windows on the left side of the computer screen. 

Win+right arrow = To open file explorer windows on the right side of the computer screen. 

Win+Tab = To open the task view. 

Win+prntscr = To take a screenshot in the image file or folder. 

Win+ctrl+left or right arrow = To switch between virtual desktop screen.

Win+ctrl+D = Create a new virtual desktop screen. 

Win+Enter = Open narrator. 

Win+ +/- = Zoom in or Zoom out using magnifier.

Win+Esc = To close the magnifier.

There is the Windows System of Computer Shortcut Keys. The command is combined with “win”.



Computer Shortcut Keys for Internet Browser

(Chrome, Mozilla, firefox, Microsoft internet explorer)

















Ctrl+E = Open the search menu bar.

Ctrl+F = Start the find utility. 

Ctrl+H = Open the history menu bar.

Ctrl+I = Open the favorites bar.

Ctrl+L = Move the computer mouse cursor to the URL.

Ctrl+N = To start the new web windows. 

Ctrl+O = To open the open dialog box.

Ctrl+P = To open tge print dialog box. 

Ctrl+R = Refresh the currently running web browser windows. 

Ctrl+T = New Tab.

Ctrl+Shift+T = Reopen the recent exiting window / For reduce a hanging indent.

Ctrl+Shift+I = Open the developer tools. 

Ctrl+Tab = Jump to the next open tab.

Ctrl+shift+Tab = Jump to the previous open tab.

Ctrl+Shift+N = Open a new web browser windows in Incognito mode.

This is the list of Computer Shortcut Keys for Internet Browsers. Mostly chrome, firefox, Mozilla, Microsoft internet explorer, etc.



Alter computer shortcut Keys 


To apply the Heading 1 style. 



To apply the Heading 2 styles.



To apply the Heading 3 styles. 



Insert a date field.



These are the most important top 100 computer shortcut Keys special for basic to advanced level computer users. Using this kind of command when working on the operating system of the computer can’t save time and can’t easily work. I hope this is the best knowledge about the computer shortcut Keys.

If you like please comment to me. If you have any doubts or mistakes in this article you can directly contact me on social media. So thank you guys for lifting on my site. 


Please this type of knowledge is shared with other friends also to learn about the computer command or computer shortcut Keys. This is the command which is used in the AutoCAD software also. All shortcut keys are the most important for computer users to work easily and save more time.


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