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Operating System of Computer

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After completely reading this article you will be able to know about the following topics. These are listed below:

  • Introduction of OS. 
  • Importance and use of Computer Operating System.
  • The function of the Computer OS. 
  • Types of Operating Systems of Computer. 


What is a Computer Operating System?

Operating System is the most important part of the Computer. Generally, the computer system is controlled by the Computer Operating System. So friend os is the collection of data required for the computer.

The operating system helps to user interface between the computer user and the hardware of the computer. The main objective of the OS is to manage and control the various hardware resources of a computer.

The hardware resource is the processor, memory, disk space, CD or DVD, etc. 


What are the Importance and uses of a Computer Operating system?

Following are the importance and uses of the operating system of the computer:

  • Accept input from users through input devices 
  • Send output to output devices 
  • Store and manage the files and applications on the memory 
  • Help users develop a program 
  • Deal with faults and inform the operator
  • Monitor control coordinate and manage the resources including peripheral devices 
  • Help in the loading of programs and data from external sources into internal memory.

The function of the operating system 

The main function performed by OS is discussed below :

  • Process management 
  • Resources management 
  • File management 
  • Device management 
  • Memory management 
  • Communication management 
  • Security management 
  • Interrupt handling.


Process management 

Through process management, OS manages many kinds of activities are included. 

All processes from start to shut down (booting, opening, saving, deleting, installing, copying, printing, sending, etc.)


Resources management 

Manage the central processing unit, memory, disk drives, and printers. 

In a large computer system that is capable of running several programs at once (multiprogramming,) the OS is responsible for allocating processing time, memory, and Input-output resources to each one.


File management 

The file management system allows the user to perform the following task:

Creating files and directories 

Renaming files 

Deleting files

Editing files



Device management 

Most of the computers have additional hardware, such as printers and scanners, connected to them. These devices required drivers or special programs that translate the electrical signals sent from the operating system or application program to the hardware device. The OS manages the input to and output from the computer. So it is the main function of the computer operating system. 



Memory management 

The major activities of an OS are memory management 

To decide the process of computer work into memory when the space of memory is available. 

Allocate and deallocate memory space as needed.


Communication management 

Allowing users to communicate with the computer. 

One computer to another computer in LAN/WAN



Security management 

By security management Operating system many tasks such as

Virus management 

Alert message 

Dialogues boxes


Password/ access protection. 


Interrupt handling 

The signal is generated by the peripheral ( input /output ) devices during the program execution interrupting the process. Whatever the processor doing, it halts. And the processor handles the interrupt, and all the functions are managed by operating systems (OS)



What is the type of Operating System?

Friends we can’t exactly define the type of OS. From the past period to the present period of time many kinds of operating systems developed. According to the history of computers, Different types of OS are being used. So several operating systems develop over the years.

Basically, the operating system is classified into two types. Which is 

What is a Single-user OS?

What is a multi-user OS?


What is a Single-user operating system?

It’s so simple, which computer operated by a single person that is a single-user operating system. Such as printing a document, editing a file, downloading a file from the Network server, writing text on the disk, etc. Are performed by a single person that is a single-user OS. MS-DOS is a single-user operating system. 


What is a multi-user operating system?

Which computer operates by multiple people is a multi-user operating system? More than two-person to uses of any program are simultaneously handled on the single network server. This operating system allows operating programs at the same time. Most of the computer is done on the server. Linux, Unix is a multi-user OS. 


What is Microsoft Disk Operating System?

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. Which was developed by the Microsoft Company, in the USA. It is a single-user operating system for the Computer.

It controls the computer hardware and software and creates an operating environment for further work on the computer. It helps the computer system and user by translator and communication. 

The main features of MS-DOS are the following:

It is single-user operating system software. 

It supports floppy disks and hard disks for storing data.

It can support different types of computer languages. 

It supports a character user interface. 

It is stored on a disk and loaded into the computer’s memory. 


What is Booting?

It is a starting-up computer. The process of loading the MS-DOS system files into computer memory is booting. In the booting system, two technical terms should be used which are cold boot and warm boot.

Cold boot:- The boot that performs by switching on the power of the computer is a cold boot. It reads the primary memory and searches the system file and loads them to the computer memory. 

Warm boot:- The boot that is performed by pressing the Alt+Ctrl+Del key or switching the restart button of the computer is warm booting. 



A file is a collection of related information under a single name. A file may be a document, program, or database.  Every file has its unique name which is formed by two sections. Which are the primary section and the second section.

Primary and secondary sections are separated by a dot {.}. The name which applies before the dot is called the primary section whereas the name after the dot is the secondary section. 


Some rules for writing a file name.

Friends this point is the critical point or informative point. Clearly read the following point:

You can use a maximum of 8 characters for the primary name.

You can use a maximum of 3 characters for the secondary name.

In the filthy e, the name must be used latter, number, and underscore. 

Commas, semicolons, and space can’t use in the file name.

Also, you can make a file name with uppercase and lowercase. 



A director is a table of content of the disk. It is the small naming part of the disk for files. It uses for the management of the file on the disk. There are two types of directories. Which are the root directory and subdirectory. 

Root directory:- It is the main directory of the computer. Also called the initial directory. It indicates by a backslash {}. The root directory contains other directories called subdirectories.



A directory that comes inside a directory is a subdirectory. The directory which is made under the root directory is a subdirectory. 


Disk drive

A disk drive is a device that reads from and writes to disks. Its mechanism is that it holes and spins the disk by the drive motor. There are different types of disks and each type of disk has its own disk drive such as floppy disk drive, hard disk drive, CD ROM drive, etc.


Default drive

The drive containing the disk on which the operating system searches and saves the file automatically is the default drive. The drive which is automatically selected for reading, writing, or searching operating is the default drive.



The route or way followed by the command name for handling a file such as create, delete, rename, or copy the files is called a path.



An operating system is a system program that acts as an interface between a computer user and the hardware system of the computer. 

An Operating System is an organized set or collection of software programs that control the overall operation of the computer system.

It helps the computer user and computer system to provide user language to convert computer language. So the OS is the most important part of the Computer System. 



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