Best Deal SSD Price in Nepal on 2021, SATA SSD, NVME SSD and M.2 SSD.

SSD Price in Nepal

Are you looking for SSD in Nepal to increase your computer and laptop operating system? This is the right place where you find all the type of SSD Prise available in Nepal.

If you can displace your old setup on your pc, I recommended to buy SSD. SSD can improve your speed performance on your system. So, guys try to make involve latest technology. SSD is the latest technology storage device.


What is SSD?

SSD is the solid-state drive. Short form is SSD. SSD is the latest technology storage device. This is the device directly displacing of the HDD. HDD mean hard disk drive. HDD and SSD both are the storage device. HDD is old technology but SSD is the latest technology.

In HDD, store data are read and written a spinning disk using an arm, But the SSD doesn’t have any kinds of moving parts on the device. Because SSD is solid state form. This is the device where data are store in integrated circuit.


Basically, SSD is smaller and faster than the HDD. SSD is use for improve speed up performance on the laptop and computer. Most of the laptop or computer use HDD for backup storage purpose and also cheaper than SSD.


HDD is very cheap and available in high storage capacity (1TB, 2TB.) but the SSD is very costly and doesn’t available in high storage capacity in present situation. The maximum capacity of SSD is just 1TB.


Types of SSD

So, we are talking types of SSD. There are three types of SSD. Followings are the type of SSD:

2.5’’ SATA SSD

Now 2.5” SATA SSD is most common type of SSD. This the small minimized version of HDD. 2.5” minimized of HDD and even utilize the same SATA connector of HDD. The connector is same as a HDD and size is smaller than HDD.

There are guidelines inside the SATA connectors and you need to focus on the similarity of your drive and the SSD. For example, SATA III is quicker (6Gbps) than the SATA II (3Gbps). You additionally need to deal with the thickness of the SSD. The most well-known thickness is 7mm yet you may likewise find SSDs that are 9.5mm or 12.7mm thick.



mSATA SSDs are more smallest than the 2.5-inch drive and are intended to plug into mSATA attachments. Ordinarily, you would not see a lot of distinction in speed between a SATA SSD and a mSATA.

The last is only a more modest structure factor than the previous. You would generally think that they are in tiny and versatile gadgets like laptops.


SATA SSD Price in Nepal

Brand  Storage capacity ( SATA interface ) Price [NPR]
ZILLION 128 GB Rs 3,200
ZILLION 256 GB Rs 5,000
ZILLION 512 GB Rs 8,500
ZILLION 1 TB Rs 14,000
SANDISK 120 GB Rs 3,200
SANDISK 240 GB Rs 5,000
SANDISK 240 GB , SATA III, 2.5″ Rs 6,400
SANDISK 480 GB, SATA III, 2.5″ Rs 10,500
SANDISK 512 GB Rs 8,500
SANDISK 1 TB, SATA III, 2.5″ Rs 21,000
AITC 128 GB Rs 2,800
AITC 256 GB Rs 5,000
AITC 512 GB Rs 8,500
AITC 1 TB Rs 15,000



M.2 SSDs are a ton reduced in size contrasted with the SATA and mSATA partners. A M.2 SSD can uphold either SATA or PCIe. The ones that help PCIe are quicker than those with help for SATA and accordingly are more costly.

M.2 SSDs come in various sizes yet the most widely recognized is the Type-2280 measures 22mm in width and 80mm long. It is likewise tantamount to a RAM stick.


M.2 SSD Price in Nepal

Brand Storage capacity ( M.2 interface ) Price [NPR]
SANDISK 128 GB Rs 3,500
SANDISK 256 GB Rs 6,000
SANDISK 512 GB Rs 10,500
SANDISK 1 TB Rs 15,500
KINGSTON 120 GB Rs 3,500
KINGSTON 240 GB Rs 5,500
KINGSTON 512 GB Rs 9,000

In present period the SSD is mainly support for NVME. NVMe is an exchange convention that permits the SSD to associate straightforwardly with the PCIe paths bypassing the limitations of the SATA interface.


NVMe SSD Price in Nepal

Brand Storage Capacity Price [NPR]
ADATA 128 GB NVME Rs 3500
PNY 256 GB NVME Rs 5500
PNY 512 GB NVME Rs 10500
XPG 256GB NVME 3500MB/S RGB Rs 8000
XPG 512GB NVME 3500MB/S RGB Rs 12500
AITC 128 GB Rs 3500
AITCRs  256 GB  Rs 5500
AITC 512 GB  Rs 9000
AITC 1TB Rs 19000


As your choice and best budget you can buy SSD for improve your speed performance of laptop and  computer. all the devices are easily available in the market. I hope you are understand and find your quires about SSD price in Nepal. 

This post is just for reference. update time to time.

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