What is the Standard Size of Brick in Nepal in 2023?

Hi, Welcome to this blog post. Are you searching what is the standard size of brick in Nepal? If yes this is the right place for your best information. Today we will discuss in detail the brick size in Nepal. This is a very confusing topic in Nepal because many people are confused according to the unit of measurement. Like mm. inch. yard, meter, feet, etc. Different peoples called different measurement units of the materials.

The size of the Brick is different depending on the brick manufacturing company. Most of the companies didn’t Produce the actual size of the standard brick size of Nepal but such companies follow the standard dimension of the brick.

Every country should follow the standard rules and specifications of the brick size. So exact size isn’t produced by the manufacturer but maintained as the size of the brick.

230 mm X 115 mm X 57 mm” is the standard size of brick in Nepal. That dimension is followed by the brick manufacturing company in Nepal. let’s discuss this in detail:

General Overview of Nepali Brick

Nepali Eta is a traditional handmade brick produced in Nepal. These bricks are made using a mixture of clay, straw, and water, which is molded into the desired shape and dried in the sun. Nepalese bricks have been used in construction for centuries and are known for their durability and strength.

Standard Size of Brick in Nepal

However, with the use of modern construction materials and technology, the use of Nepali bricks has decreased recently. Many people now prefer to use concrete blocks or machine-made bricks, which are faster and easier to produce.

Despite this, Nepali bricks are still in demand, especially in rural areas where modern construction materials are not readily available. Nepali brick is also preferred by some for its aesthetic value and natural look.

Efforts are being made to improve the quality of bricks by modernizing the production process to promote the use of Nepali bricks. This includes using mechanical equipment for mixing and tamping the soil as well as incorporating new materials such as fly ash to increase the strength and durability of the bricks.

In addition, there are initiatives to promote the use of Nepalese bricks in sustainable and environmentally friendly construction projects, as they are renewable and locally sourced materials. By supporting the production and use of Nepalese bricks, we can preserve traditional crafts and promote sustainable construction practices.

What is Brick?

A brick is defined as an important structural unit of rectangular shape and specified shape of construction. In a brick manufacturing company, bricks are made from a special type of clay by a combination of molding, drying, and burning. Generally, brick is used to construct structural wall members.

Brick is an engineering material used to make structural elements. Annual production and consumption in Nepal are 3.2 Billion. Bricks are very important for construction nowadays. So people need to know about the standard size of bricks for their construction. The size of Bricks helps to improve estimation accuracy.

A structural element to make it safe often uses brick as a structural unit of construction. It is the most popular structure in the world due to the use of natural resources. Like natural soil.

Specification of Standard brick size in Nepal

Standard size: Commonly 230mm x 115mm x 75mm

Material: Made from clay or shale

Color: Ranges from reddish-brown to dark brown

Texture: Rough surface with slight irregularities

Weight: Typically around 2 kg per brick

Compressive strength: Varies, generally between 17.5 MPa to 35 MPa

Water absorption: Generally between 10% to 20%

Usage: Commonly used in construction for walls and structures

Mortar: Requires mortar for joining bricks together

Thermal insulation: Provides moderate thermal insulation

Sound insulation: Offers limited sound insulation

Eco-friendliness: Environmentally friendly due to natural materials

Availability: Widely available in Nepal and surrounding regions

Durability: Can last for decades with proper construction techniques

Construction method: Used in traditional brick masonry construction

Surface treatment: Can be left as is or coated with plaster/paint

Load-bearing: Suitable for load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls

Aesthetics: Contributes to a rustic and traditional architectural look

The Standard Size of Brick in Nepainon 2023

I have already mentioned the standard size of brick in Nepal. If yoknow aboutof this topic That’s very good. you can suggest in the comment section, But some information is updated in which blog post.  So it is very helpful to you.

I have already discussed in General information the size of bricks in Nepal if you are interested in the standard size of bricks in different countries post in my blog.

Get started with today’s topic you know what is the best size of brick for construction as a condition of Nepal which size of brick is manufactured by the bricks company this topic is covered today in this blog post.

The standard shape of brick in Nepal

The different countries design different shapes and sizes of brick.  But in the case of Nepal, most of the bricks are made in a rectangular shape.  So the Actual shape of brick is rectangular.

The standard color of brick in Nepal

The break is produced in different colors.  However, the color of the brick depends on the material in the factory.  Like cement sand and clay.  The brick is made by using cement and sand this brick color is a dark brown color. Is made of natural clay which Bricks’ color is red color.  Most of the brick is made in red color. 

What is the size of the brick according to Nepal standards?

The size of brick is different from the base types of brick. The brick can be made in different sizes and shapes depending on the company. Howeverut the company follows the average size of brick based on government rules.

The standard size of brick in Nepal is based on government rules. All Brick manufacturing companies should follow the rules and regulations for the size of a brick. 

Size of brick in Nepal

The size of brick in Nepal is given below on a different unit basis:

The standard size of brick in mm with mortar:

240mm X 115mm X 57mm

(240 x 115 x 57)mm

The brick size is included in the mortar joint. 10 mm should be included in the standard brick size in Nepal.

Note: mm= Milimeters.

The length of Brick=240 mm

The width of the Brick = 115 mm

The thickness of Brick=57 mm

The actual brick size in Nepal is 230 mm X 110 mm X 55 mm. St the tolerances of -10mm on the brick length, – 5mm in width, and -3mm on the height of the brick should be accepted.

For the thick wall of the structure, you can reduce the standard size of brick by(-10 x -5 x -3)mm.

The standard size of brick in cm:

24 cm X 11.5 cm X 5.7 cm

(24 x 11.5 x 5.7)cm

Note: cm= centimeter/ including mortar thickness.

The standard size of brick in m:

0.24 m X 0.115 m X 0.057 m

(0.24 x 0.115 x 0.057)m

Note: m= Meter/ including mortar thickness.

The standard size of brick in inches:

9.4″ X 4.5″ X 2.24″

Note: cm= centimeter/ including mortar thickness.

Also in the table of standard brick sizes available in Nepal:

Size of brick in NepalSize
Standard brick size in mm230mm x 110mm x 55mm
Standard brick size in cm24 cm X 11.5 cm X 5.7 cm
Standard brick size in inch9.4″ X 4.5″ X 2.24″
Standard brick size in m0.24 m X 0.115 m X 0.057 m


I hope your friend’s information on Nepal’s standard brick size will be very useful to you. Generally, the construction company makes bricks of different sizes but the actual brick size is (230 mm X 110 mm X 55 mm). What size is the standard size of brick according to government regulations? Bricks of this shape are often used in construction.

The size of brick in mm is 230 mm by 110 mm by 55 mm without mortar.

The size of brick in cm is 23 cm by 11 cm by 5.5 cm without mortar.

The size of brick in inches is 9.4 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.24 inches without mortar.

So, that’s it for today. I hope this is very useful knowledge. If you find it helpful, please share it with your friends and other people who want to know about brick sizes in Nepal. If you have any questions about bricks please comment in the comment section. Thank you very mucfor visitingit my site. Please visit again.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the standard size of Brick without Mortar?

(230 x 110 x 55)mm is the size of a brick without mortar. It should be varied by 10 mm.

what is the weight of one brick in Nepal?

The weight of a Nepali brick is 2 kilograms or 4.5 lbs.

what is the Standard size of Hollow Brick in Nepal?

240mm x 115mm x 57mm is the standard size of hollow brick.

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