10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023

Best Tips to Certified on Exam

This is a common problem for all students. How did I certify on Exams? How do succeed in my exam? These are the main point of the students. So hello guys if you want to pass Certification exams easily this is the right place for you. Today I will discuss some important tips for Certified on Exams. I know this is mine also. I searched every were like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and another platform to easily be Certified for Exams. But I can’t find any reliable tips for me.

Certified on Exams


So, guys, I will give you the best knowledge or skills or Tips. All the tips are used in my life during my study time to be Certified on Exams. This post is just for Certified on Exams only. These tips are very helpful to that student who can’t succeed easily in their exams. So let’s get started:


Try to Compare it with Topper

This is the most important tip for the student. Just try to compare yourself with your talented student or topper. Every college and school has one of the most talented or topper students. So follow the topper’s behavior, reading skill, writing skill, and other things which you find him/her. So that is the main point.

Following points you follow on the topper:

  1. Reading skills
  2. Writing skills
  3. Reading time
  4. Some behavior

10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023


Ask more Questions to the Talents and Teacher

This is the second important tip of Certified on Exams. In your classroom create an environment to ask more than more little questions to your teachers and talented student. It helps to collect more than information, knowledge, tips, and trick. You should have curiosity about your study otherwise you can’t succeed. That is the most common reason why not succeed in the exam.


Listening to information is fast captured in your mind with compare to book reading. To improve you’re asking more questions and listening capacity. This helps to more success.


Ask more than more questions to the teacher and note down the answer in short as possible to read easily.


Listen to the important points and information from your teachers. 


Gather the writing skills of talented students.

10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023


Make a Time Schedule for Study

Time is the most important thing to all people. So make your timetable. Your reading time, eating time, playing time and other activates. You already know about this topic. But most of the students don’t follow this tip. This is the most important to all the students. Who wants to succeed in the school and college exams easily? Necessary, to make a timetable to study.


Make a timetable for all the subjects and try to follow the time you already make a timetable. I hope this makes good results.


Give the time for all the subjects with their importance.


Your Rule became your success. So don’t waste your time. Create your timetable right now.


In your timetable include the resting time also. Your brain also needs a relax certain time. So include 30 to 40 minutes for the interval. This time you relax your mind. This is also necessary.


I hope this helps you Certified on Exams easily.

10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023


Solve Old questions every day

Old is gold”, so try to solve at least one old question every day for one subject. This helps to remember the question pattern on your exam. Most of the questions are included in the exam from the old questions. So every day solve one old question. These also add to your timetable.


Around 75% of questions are added from the old question in your exam. So you can try to solve old questions and make a question possible in the certification exam or board exam.


This is an effective way to prepare for the exams.


This helps you, the time management in the exam hall. You have a greater knowledge about time management in the exam hall before you are practiced by solving old questions.


This helps to know the format of the question paper.


This helps to revise your topics



Create a studying environment

The reading environment is the most important part of the student’s life. So I included this topic also. If you are in the DJ studio you can’t read anymore. I mean you are in a noisy area you can’t able to focus on your study.


First, make a good environment for your study.


In my case, I was read at night because at the day time much noise pollution In my area. Most of the children playing and crying in my society, I can’t read anymore. So I was studying at night. That is the right time to read and concentrate on the books.


So I am not saying you also study at night. I say create your study environment. Where you can focus on your study.


Try to make one separate room for studying as possible.


You can choose a comfortable area for your study. You can manage your room better for your study.


I hope this also helps you be Certified on Exams.

10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023


Try to combine study (group study)

These are the most reliable and effective tips for studying. This type of reading system helps to gather more than more information from others.  If you want to be a success you should try this method also. Group study is one of the best ways of collecting very much knowledge and information.


In this type of study, if you have any questions related to your subject to ask others and you will get best than the best answer from other friends.


In the group study, all the students have the same goals. So try to read in the group.


The combined study, shear different types of information to achieve the same goals. So this is one of the effective ways to succeed in the exam.


You may try the online method also. In online groups, a study is mostly followed. By Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.

10 Best Tips to Certified on Exams in 2023


Manage your Brain

This is the best tip for today. Your brain is your control point of the body. If you haven’t stress free brain you can’t memorize anything anymore. So we need to manage our brains.


How to manage my Brain?

Try to minimize stress. Like exam stress, study stress, and other things.

you need stress but not more. more stress negative effect on your mind and exam also. if you have little stress you make motivated and successful in the exam. 


Little stress is very helpful but more stress is in your brain. It creates direct negative performance in the exam or study time.


For maintenance of your brain following works is important:


Regular Physical training

Regular relaxing with your friends

Exercise daily basis which feels better in your brain.

Daily walking at a certain time outside; helps refresh your brain or mind.

If you feel uncomfortable studying in your brain, try to away from the books for 30 to 40 minutes.

Try to listening relaxing music, mood-fresh music, etc.

Certified on Exams


Sleep at least 8 to 10 hours daily.

In the present generation, people can’t sleep 8 to 10 hours. But it is very necessary for health. The students need to sleep at least 8 to 10 hours daily. Which helps you manage your brain and body. Due to sleep, the eyes are not affected by stress. So guys you should be sleeping at least given time.

Certified on Exams


Sleeping is an important tip to success in the exam.


Table for sleeping at different ages

Age Group Necessary time of sleep
4 months to 12 months (baby) 12 to 16 hours a day
1 to 2 years 11 to 14 hours a day
3 to 5 years 10 to 13 hours a day
6 to 12 years 9 to 12 hours a day
13 to 18 years 8 to 10 hours a day
Adults 8 to more hours in a day (As their health condition)


Try to eat brain power-increasing food.

Food is also the most important part of the body and brain. Use domestic food on a daily basis as possible. There have different types of foods available in nature. Natural food is very healthy to increase brain power.


If you want to keep better your body and brain you should use nutritious food. This type of food is to increases concentration and memory power. So, It is powerful food for the brain. I was listing some nutrition food below:

  1. Fish
  2. Nuts,
  3. Seeds,
  4. Almond
  5. Yogurt
  6. Bayberry
  7. Walnut
  8. Blueberries etc.

Avoid junk food in your family. Junk food is very dangerous to health. If you want to increase your brain power you should remove junk food. Sugar may seem appealing, but your energy levels will crash an hour later.



Planning for exam

Planning is the most important based on Certified on Exams. if you are not prepared for the exam you can’t understand the exam. What to do, how to do it, when to do it. This type of topic should be covered before the exam.


In this phase, you should be ready for to exam. Check all the rules and requirements of the exam, and plan your target. Collect all the required instruments for the exam.


When ready out of doors the examination room, keep away from the temptation to talk about what you’ve studied together with your friends.


You’ll possibly all have studied barely various things so don’t panic every other.


Just take a seat down quietly out of doors the room, breathe deeply, and keep away from searching at your notes.


Once inside, study the examination commands very carefully. Allocate time for every query and maintain an eye fixed on the clock.


If you don’t know the answer to the question in the exam, you should skip that question. And go to the next questions which you easy to you.


You should give full time to the exam hall. Don’t miss the chance of your life. So keep your full-time to the exam. Never leave the exam hall without finishing time.


After solving all the questions on paper recheck the answer and check the all questions individually as possible.



Drinking pure water

Pure water is very important to health. So, drink the water daily 2 to 2.5 liters. It increases your brainpower. To make a positive in the body section you need pure water. Try to drink water more to increase brain power.


Table for Drinking water for different age groups

Age group Amount of water require
Up to 12 months 2 to 3 cups
1 to 3 years 3 to 4 cups
4 to 8 years 5 cups
6 to 13 years 6 to 8 cups
Over 14 years 8 to 14 cups


Require instruments to the exam

this table is for the required instruments for the exam. make sure to all the requirements below in the exam.

Name of instrument Quantity
Black pen 3 pieces
Pencil 1 piece (1 extra as possible)
Scale 2 pieces ( 30 cm/15cm)
Clipboard 1 piece ( according to exam rule)
Scientific calculator 1 piece ( according to exam rule)
Eraser 1 piece
Sharpener 1 piece
Compass/ divider 1 piece




Guys, how was this article? I hope this is very inactive and helpful to you. If you like please share this post with your friends and school /college group. If you follow all the tips in your study, you will be 100 % successful in all type of exams.


Don’t miss your chance to study. Please keep all the tips in your mind. Education changes your future. Thanks for watching this blog post. Visit again.


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