Top 20 Best Quality Cement Prices in Nepal

Cement is one of the best and essential construction Materials that are used to improve the strength of the structure. Today, I am sharing with you detailed information about the top 20 best quality cement prices used in Nepal. What is the market price of the cement that we have been hearing and using, so we prepare this material based on this?

We use cement in many constructions including buildings, roads, hydropower, bridges, and irrigation, but are we getting the cement we use at a reasonable price? The price may be lower or higher, but we need to buy the average cement price because we can reduce the construction cost and also improve the economic condition of the country to some extent.

The price of cement varies depending on cement grade, brand of company, location, transportation, and popularity, but even if we can pay the price according to the requirement, the construction can be made cost-effective. I am trying to give all the information about the best quality cement that we are using and how much it costs. Please watch till the end.

There are 3 types of cement in the market: OPC, PPC, and PSC and the price of cement is also different. We should buy cement only after understanding the application of cement. We should never buy construction materials casually. You can see the list of the top 20 best-quality cement prices below.

Table of Top 20 Best Quality Cement Prices in Nepal

S.NName of CementOPC PricesPPC PricesPSC Prices
1Shivam CementRs 720-850Rs 650-750
2Sarbotam CementRs 680-750Rs 580-710Rs 800-910
3Jagadamba CementRs 750-860Rs 650-730Rs 740-780
4Arghakhachi CementRs 750-850Rs 680-790
5Agni CementRs 700-850Rs 620-800
6Brij CementRs 740-820Rs 650-750
7Ambe CementRs 750-870Rs 650-760
8United CementRs 750-890Rs 680-780
9Maruti CementRs 750-810Rs 680-840
10Hetauda CementRs 850-950
11Bijaya CementRs 770-820Rs 670-750
12Udayapur CementRs 870-960Rs 800-920
13Trisakti cementRs 700-750Rs 650-700
14Sidhartha CementRs 590-770
15Hongshi Shivam CementRs 630-810Rs 520-710
16Ghorahi CementsRs 800-850Rs 650-700
17Advance CementRs 700-730Rs 630-720
18Ambuja CementRs 690-795
19Alfa CementRs 670-800Rs 570-740
20Nirman CementRs 780-850Rs 650-680
21CG CementRs 650-850Rs 550-680
Top 20 best cement price list

The price indicated in the above table is the reasonable price of cement. I think you all know about the cement prices of all companies. We suggest you purchase your construction materials at the market price. All the cement given above is made in Nepal and is the most used material by Nepalese

Top Cement Brand in Nepal


Jagdamba Cement is the most preferred old cement manufacturing company in Nepal. Which can produce about 950 Metric Tons of cement daily. This company was established in 2001 and is still a popular cement company. Ajaya Jatia is the owner of Jagdamba Cement Company. Rupandehi District Mayadevi is the location of Jagdamba Cement Manufacture Company.

Top 20 Best Quality Cement Prices in Nepal

Jagadamba Cement Price

  • Owner: Ajaya Jatia
  • OPC Cement: Rs 750-860
  • PPC Cement: Rs 650-730
  • Location: Rupandehi


Shivam Cement Is the largest cement manufacturing company in Nepal. The company started commercial production in a greenfield project of cement in 2011. Which is located in Makwanpur District. Mr. Gaurav Goel is the Chairman of Shivam Cement.

Shivam Cement Price

  • Owner: Mr. Surendra Goel
  • OPC Cement Price: Rs 720-850
  • PPC Cement Price: Rs 650-750
  • Location: Makwanpur


It is the first cement company in Nepal to produce cement using Vertical Roller Mill (VRM). This Cement is Produced by the Saurabh Group in Nepal. The company was established in 2010. Bishnu Prasad Neupane is the Chairman of this cement company. Due to Verticle Roller Mill, this company is awarded the Nepal Standard Mark.

Sarbotam Cement Price

  • Owner: Saurabh Group
  • OPC Cement Price: Rs 680-750
  • PPC Cement Price: Rs 580-710
  • PSC Cement Price: Rs 800-910
  • Location: Nawalparasi, Ramnagar


Agni cement is the most popular cement brand in Nepal. OPC and PPC are both cement produced by the manufacturing company. Both cements are the best quality products of the construction material. The Company produces about 300 Tons of cement daily.

Agni Cement Price

  • Owner: Sumit Pokhrel
  • OPC Cement Price: Rs 700-850
  • PPC Cement Price: Rs 620-800
  • Location: Rupendehi


“मजबुत निर्माणको लागि विश्वासिलो सिमेन्ट अम्बे सिमेन्ट” That is true. Ambe cement is the only best quality cement in Nepal which has been recognized not only in Nepal but also internationally. Mr. Shovakar Hari Neupane is the Founder, Chairman, and MD of Ambe Group. The Ambe Cement was established in 2004 in Parsa District.

Ambe Cement Price

  • Chairman: Mr. Shovakar Hari Neupane
  • OPC Cement Price: Rs 750-870
  • PPC Cement Price: Rs 650-760
  • Location: Parsa


CG Cement is one of the biggest and best-quality cement brands in Nepal. Which is located in Palpa. It is an under-construction greenfield cement manufacturing unit. CG Cement Industries Palpa Private Limited (CG Palpa). CG Cement is established on 15 Oct 2009.

Incorporation Year: 2011
Capacity Clinker: 2,950 TPD (Tons Per Day)
Capacity Cement: 2,800 TPD (Tons Per Day)
Technology: Vertical Rolling Mill (VRM)

Price of CG cement

  • Owner: Dr. Binod Chaudary
  • OPC Cement Price: Rs 750-870
  • PPC Cement Price: Rs 650-720
  • Location: Palpa


Bridge cement is the most demanded and used cement. There is cheap and best quality cement. This cement company is a joint venture between India and Nepal. OPC and PPC cement are manufactured with high grade. Brij Cement can produce up to 295 Tons of cement. But due to competition, it has been seen in the past that this company is producing around 75 Tons daily. In 2008 the company started cement production in the commercial.

Brij Cement Price

  • Chairman: Tara Chand Kedia
  • OPC cement Price: 820
  • PPC Cement Price: 650
  • Location: Rupendehi


Top 20 best quality cement prices in Nepal with OPC and PPC based. The popular brand of cement mentioned above with some details. This is a very helpful article. If you are going to invest in the construction field this price is helpful to reduce construction costs. Because Cement is the most commonly used construction material. Brij cement, Shivam cement, Sarbotam cement, Agni Cement, and Ambe cement are the most popular cement brands in Nepal.

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