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Which company chooses for best hosting in Nepal?

Hello, today I will discuss web hosting in Nepal. I will provide you with all the important information about hosting in Nepal in this article. we can choose one of the best web hosting provider companies in Nepal. We discuss in detail this topic. So let’s get started:

So friends what is hosting, why need hosting for websites, how to buy web hosting in Nepal, and which company is the best hosting company in Nepal?


Most people have their own websites, but they cannot maintain yo their websites without quality hosting. You are a blogger you need one of the best hostings to maintain your website.

If you have a blogger website you don’t essential to buy hosting because the blogger is a Google platform so Google maintains your website but if your site is on WordPress you need to best host.

Whether you can make one of the best websites for building yourself you need proper knowledge about the website. The custom domain name and web hosting are important parts of the website.

So, guys, I will explain the best web hosting in Nepal. Which type of hoster can be chosen for your website maintenance in Nepal? First of all, you need to know about the Internet.


What is the Internet?

The Internet is the connection between each and every mobile to a computer network in the world. The connected network device all over the world is the internet. All computers are connected to the internet all over the world.

Most people are transferred all their data, information, photos, videos, animation, and text by using the internet. So this kind of work can be maintained by the hosting. So web hosting is an important part of the internet.

Friends, today I will inform you about which kind of hosting can be chosen in Nepal. But first, you need to know about hosting.


What is web hosting?

Hosting is the spacing service provided for the website in the internet connection. The hosting provides the best space service for any website with an internet connection.

By using hosting, the organization, and people are connected to the internet access of their website.

The file, folders, images, videos, and animation of any website to store on special computers in the web hosting. Which process is known as a web host?

But friends, this process can’t be done for free for your website. You need to pay a certain amount of money for a certain period of time (1 year, 2 years… ) to the web hoster.

You can use web hosting by billing money to a hosting company. In the case of Nepal Himalayan Host Nepal is the best hosting company.

The hoster computer is anytime connected to internet access. The hosting company gives high-speed web hosting.

It means their computer is always connected to the internet at high speed. Ao Guys hosting is important to the website for access to the internet connection.


The best web hosting company in Nepal

Followings are the most popular and trusted company for the best Web Hosting:

Prabhu Host.
Worldlink web hosting
eHosting Server.
Babal Host.
Himalayan Host Nepal.
Gurkha Host.
Webhost Nepal.

In another word, web hosting is all the data, information, video, image, animation, the text stored in a high-power computer (which is called a web server) by paying a certain amount of money for a fixed time period.


How to work web hosting?

If you made your own website to provide you knowledge and information to other people. But first of all, you need to upload files, and data, to the web hosting or web server.

After uploading files on the hosting then visitors search your website domain name on the web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, firefox, opera, etc.

A domain name like is the domain name to be connected by the webserver to provide stored website files.

After joining your website the web server is to be provided to computer users. Then the user can read all data per your uploaded website pages.


Which hosting company is the best web hosting in Nepal?

More than web hosting companies are available in the world. Which provides better than better hosting of your site.

But I recommend, you can buy your hosting in your own country to easily access your website. The own country’s hosting is better than another country’s. Due to easily accessing the website and easily connecting to the hosting company.

In the case of Nepal, more than more web hosting companies are available but I recommend Himalayan Host Nepal.

Because this hosting company is a trusted company to provide better services since 2007 now and in the future time. You can get a better experience from the Himalayan host company.

20 times better services provided by the Himalayan Host Nepal. You can pay to buy a domain and hosting easily.

Ewa IME pay, Bank transfer, and Bank deposit can be used as payment methods.


The options to buy hosting

If you buy web hosting. You can think about some options for hosting. The short information to buy your quality web hosting.


Disk space

The storage capacity of your hosting is called Disk Space. Like your mobile or computer, 2GB or 4GB ram, 32GB, or 500 GB ROM. I recommend you buy unlimited disk space for your website.



Uptime is the capacity of your website loading. The loading speed is necessary for your website to provide better services for visitors.



Bandwidth is the capacity of data access to your website per second. Visitors can use certain data and then share your information. 20 X faster speed bandwidth is provided by the Himalayan Host Nepal company for your website.


Customer services

If you have any problems with your hosting. You can easily contact the hosting company that is in customer service. Himalayan Host Nepal gives better services than others in Nepal. 


The types of web hosting

I will list out mostly using and essential types:

Cloud web hosting

Shared web hosting

Dedicated web hosting

VPS (virtual private server


I hope you like this article about web hosting in Nepal. You can directly use the Himalayan host for a better experience of your website. What you learned from this article please comment to me.

If you have any doubts about the engineering field please comment to me.

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